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picture2003-01-17 07:37, by Julie Solheim-Roe

All my roads have led to the continual levels of the Tower of my life's mythos making... and all of those roads have led me to France. All of my closest beloveds have known, the pervasive dream of getting there has become ever so more nearer and dearer and realer in the past few years since I embarked upon my descent into the underworld initiations of Avalon. Within two days of moving to Glastonbury in June of 1999, I was whisked away by an old lover to Juan le Pin near Cannes. I would follow only a few weeks later on my Mary Magdalene journey... the main subject of my personal and transpersonal research for many years. The mysteries, the lande, the scarlet threads... all wind me in and enfold me in the dream of my own French living....

Then Ming has the audacity to announce he's moving his 'family' to the
"South of France" .. and how the decision making process rather solidified itself in the past week. Last summer I had my house sold in England and actually went on a scouting mission to the exact region he 'chose'. I would be there now if it weren't that the house deal fell through. The funny thing is he admits to having some sort of amnesia about me, my France thang, and even doesn't remember what I departed to him about my research and trip there last summer.

Since I have been back in the States, to recover lost debt over the last couple years, etc etc... and try to return to Glastonbury this spring in a stronger financial position... Flemming has very much missed his magic making ventures with me his soul star sister. He even paid for an expensive soul path consulting with a man named Al Joy in LA on Friday the 13th a month ago.... just so we could get to the bottom of what needs to be done to rekindle our worth and Work together... in Synchronicity Networks and our OrgSpace modules... as well as how we could just return to the Mystery that lies between our souls, and manifest the gold there in a more Real World attainment. The meeting was excellent... and it was from that that I was prompted to start my own Blog.

But one of the things the Joy Man hit on the head, is the Towers I find myself in this life. The personal and transpersonal mythos of a magdala woman, is one who DEVOTES her abilities to those worthy of it. It seems that Ming has been one such selected candidate in our shared story... but that since I got married, he had somehow forgotten his responsibilities to releasing me. It came down to, he has the technology and he can rebuild me.... hehe... Or in our case, release me from the towers. The bombardment of feelings, thoughts and musings that pass through my body and mind vehicle from all the soul currents galactically and beyond... must be given vehicles to be released. I need direction, support and commitment. Don't we all. But the nice thing is Ming finds me worthy in return, of being a walking breathing living galvanizer, embodiment of the technology that we wish to birth in a self-organizing way.

So, hey, thanks Ming,for remembering me -- NOT -- in my dream of dreams!!!

Yesterday we icq'd on this for a long time. He seemed to have a few eye openers and realized that indeed the launching of our projects will help both of us with income streams whilst we individually or collectively start a new European existence. He said he saw the dots of it... but it was like he was the magician behind the curtain and the fuzz balls of it got stuck in his edifices. Let's wipe your eyes, clean out your nose and remember those who have supported you... and all the members of your 'family' for now on, when you make decisions! Emmanuel, my 'husband', was asking why I was still mad that Flemming was moving to France. I am not mad he is moving. I am wounded and trapped that instead of helping the whole family, in all dimensions, get on with their dreams... he seemed to be almost diminishing mine... making me feel like indeed I am in a dream. He will go forth and forget me. Make it happen and I will be forever towered. That's the fear. Of course after we talked, he seemed more committed than ever to bring it all together. I just wonder how on earth he can be so forgetful?! smile. I think, after this post (which he encouraged me to write) he may indeed get his key-making skills more honed and unlock some of my chamber doors... and be more cognizant of our intregal role in each other's unfolding.

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17 Jan 2003 @ 12:00 by ming : Uh-oh, now I'm in trouble
Who are you, really? Heheh, no, you're really hard to forget, and hard to get around. Don't despair in your tower. The keys are hanging here on the hook. Of course it will be fabulous to hang out in the south of france together and do magical things, even if I arrived at the thought through a somewhat different path..  

24 Jan 2003 @ 14:29 by vibrani : thanks for your honesty
Julie...walk your own walk, the extended family will support you. You have all it takes to be successful with anything you do. Best of luck to you in your new endeavors.  

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