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 If the Faerie Queen was Not Bannished... ??3 comments
picture 2003-06-08 04:54, by Julie Solheim-Roe

~ After being 'off line' and in transit on my journey back into ONE such physical gateway into MY Avalon~

From where I sit today, a month landing back into Avalon... a day 'off' from my work, daughter, family and life... I wrote this, this AM, whilst a 'angel and nature spirit' day is across the streets at the Well... this is the Point of Angel where I sit right Now...
- - -

The Initiations continue. Honing. Work. Intention. Love. The Mind of the Individual Mythical Journey. Integration of years in this body ~ inter-dimensional journeys ReMembered and then offered back up into the eternal Cauldron of death and renewal...

And the Thesis of this life beckons me forth. The Service to That which is Mine. Each piece of the fragments of scattered human lights/ souls - the collective puzzle - each piece, each peace, We Be. Can be honored. Healed. Loved. What we each came to express. Release. Share. Own. Honour. And Honor Honor Honor! By not honoring my own piece, I am not taking care of the fragile and the strong. The vulnerable and the truly Brave.

New commitments of Truth. Honesty. New ideas of a soul awakening.

What WOULD the 'world' look like if the Faerie Queen was NOT banished? This IS the transpersonal thesis of my life: just look at the political world stage and all small ponds of human politics. The fascists in all the communities, the new age games, and the lies we continue to hold on to... when we know we are hurting ourselves, our souls and each other. The world of Maya and human conformity. She continues to be the scapegoat. Projections of fear and control. This is the slavery of the old paradigm and patriarchy not yet-- at -- all healed in our minds, hearts or world connections...

She is the shunned Scarlet Harlot. Within her own bosom, being, heart -- womb -- she IS the whole priestess who has been split like the rest of our shared story, outwardly hated and secretly lusted... whilst the over adorned blue 'Madonna' is secretly hated and murdered.

To realize that all life is sacred, takes away from calling Her sacred and Her not. The true priestess is the temple prostitute who heals by her keys, body, mind and love. The temple is everywhere and the earth is her rightful lande. In a world where her wisdom, enchanting magic, beauty and natural arts are honoured -- thus the healing of the shared splits synergize and alchemize multi-fold. ... And when the fey are not revered and only 'Seen' in subtle shadows of grey. ... Whilst the square, mean hearted, conservative, walking dead say 'this is the way to faery land' in their straight minds and heads... In my righteousness these days, I find only one picture of flowing fey in a whole field of Wanna-Be's yesterday. The cliques and the desperate. When the hearts and lande do not sing, then it's a religious curse and not inspired. There must be room for ALL -- or it is not embracing or 'Christ-like' in any way. The false Holy Wars continue... right in our very own midst! If one of us hurts, then we are not taking care of our own...

In my own personal work, research, healing and championing of these themes -- I have continually been born anew. In California, I came into my own with many others in cross-disciplinary fields. I went through years of personal, group and relationship 'therapies' whilst simultaneously walking into a heightened period of Grace. The angels, the sprites and alchemical keys of the eternal Mysteries... all converged into a walking of Knowing Grace. I was writing, speaking, flowing, dancing, loving, teaching, empowering, learning, and always always growing.... Seen as a charismatic catalyst, a self-initiated priestess and treated as a peer by many writers, researchers and futurists... but for me, it was all about the Round Table. Changing classism and hierarchy, into egalitarian working models. Of course we are all detoxifying patriarchy which lies in our Western DNA and collective psyches... but to be committed to change... committed to finding a different path...

Always moving -- I moved onwards and upwards. beneath to pull up what is hidden to be restored. My ways have been authentic. My fears and pains, both human and archetypical, deeply personal and always tied to some shared transpersonal dreaming-awake mythos...

The initiation of Avalon brought me to my knees, to let go and allow deeper wisdom, courage and strength to be honed in the inner chambers of the Otherworld and Underworlds...

I am ready now once more to take these learnings out and to express my heart, soul and mind's piece of this great unfolding conversation and remembering ... being borne in 1966 -- the revolutionist inside me was re-awoken in this last uprising on the world's stage... It is time for me to be more forth right and open in all areas.... There are specific wounds I carry and transmute for my person and the archetypes I work with. By treating myself with dignity, I can cry out and help demand all worlds in which She walks to be less Hidden.. the arcane, the magical, the sprite and the scarlet threads... need to be re-woven into the fabric of our shared experience.

This has been an ongoing reclaiming, reworking, progress in progress. Change is a foot. but the continuation reaches minor crescendos with each brave step every last soul dares to walk forth right with the feeling of heart, soul and purpose. With the intention to share and listen, dream together awake a reality worth living in.

In February of 1999 it was like a wave/ reUnion with my deeper soul Saw a vision of my own Avalon. Now the raw voice calls out, 4 years since I arrived 'Here'. By a deeper commitment to the magical journey, I emerge again and care enough for Life, to be here, now, standing again triumphant and beaten, confused and clear, with my heart open, my mind more sharpened and defiant, and a clarity about what simply does NOT feel good or 'seem' right... and the desire to really be more authentic in all whirling worlds in which I walk. I do not seek a fight, but when it comes to my door... may my aligned Self not be 'woolly minded'! !

Hence the Thesis continues.. and the Masquerade less ambiguous. Certain dishonorings I care to address.

Forgive yet state: "that wasn't very nice."

What WOULD the world look like if the Faerie Queen was not banished?

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8 Jun 2003 @ 05:23 by shawa : Hi!
Some of us are Journeying next to you. Thanks for sharing. :-)  

8 Jun 2003 @ 08:09 by istvan : Thanks Julie.
The prose and the poetry is no longer separated in your post.Thanks again.  

8 Jun 2003 @ 10:01 by vaxen : thanks julie.
very deeply beautiful and inspiring. she lives! ;) and the 'fey' are not so 'fey.'  

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