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Monday, March 31, 2003day link 


This is so important, I am giving it a second post. I got my last entry emailed from Jay Levin again --- see the list of many many activists groups that are uniting for this media campaign. The prior post lists the news agencies to call and what date. The following, however, gives us specific things to say when we are calling and debating the situation:

"In speaking to news chiefs, insist that information refuting administration statements be mentioned every time the administration claim is mentioned. Prominent should be these facts: ..."
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picture Please note and pass along: This is information to update our post of last week.

It contains new names and direct phone numbers of news directors as some of their superiors, the news presidents/chiefs listed earlier, have become harder to reach. It also corrects some numbers. See the earlier email for snail addresses and for background on TV news appalling and undemocratic journalism


Three Week Action Plan : March 24, 2003 – April 11, 2003

One Call a Day to Democratize Media - an action from Peace Coalitions

It is time to take on the television companies! PLEASE READ BELOW AND ACT AND ALSO EMAIL TO YOUR CONTACTS.
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 60s Jazz Activists - Words for Now!
picture A poem by Rocky Delaplaine
Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the children of God.

Blessed are the poets for they shall be called the unacknowledged legislators of the land.

Blessed are the jazz makers for they shall be called God's
trumpeters, blasting B natural, God's keyboard players, tickling high C on the ivories, God's drummers the healers, taking measure of our pulse, and God's bass players wailing B flat through the guts of a cat.

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 Scarlet Skies
"Jewels of the forest," is how Wolfgang described the unparalleled collection of radiance in flight. Purple honey creeper, green honey creeper, tufted coquette hummingbird, copper-rumped hummingbird, blue-crowned motmot, bearded bellbird, blue gray tanager, silver beaked tanager, boat-billed flycatcher, golden-headed mannequin, black-tailed tityra: Although I'm not a keeper of scorecards, in a few hours of exploring trails, perching on the verandah and with the help of Sheldon, one of Asa Wright's professional rangers/guides. I observed more bird species than in all of the previous year— including a trip to Costa Rica.

We had heard fantastic stories about Caroni Bird Sanctuary, a mangrove swamp oasis surrounded by nondescript grass marshes near the airport. The evening fly-in of the national bird, the scarlet ibis, so great in number, we were told, that as the blood-red chicken-sized waterfowl took roost in mangroves, the green forest slowly turned red.

... Then we saw it - our first scarlet ibis, shimmering red in an emerald tangle. "Red" doesn't do this supernatural beast justice, the color so intense that you'd swear It's generated by some mysterious internal electronic mechanism.

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 Nudes Continue to Seize the Day!
picture I wrote about this band,from my Glastonbury home, being up for BBC Radio 3's 'Audience Award' in January. I am SOO proud of their latest Nude Stance:
Press Release 25th March 2003

Banned Members In Naked Protest

A Somerset band who were denied a prestigious Radio 3 World Music Award because of their anti-war views, stormed the stage to launch a naked protest at The Ocean in London last night.

Two members and one supporter of the radical British folk-band Seize The Day, stripped off and climbed onto the stage as applause for the final act of the night ended. Their bodies were hidden at first with signs reading "BBC Cover-Up", before they went "the full Monty", to excited cheers from the 1000 strong audience. The slogan "Peace Not War" was written across their chests.

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