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picture 2003-03-28 17:25, by Julie Solheim-Roe

My friend Jay Levin and Projects4Peace have launched the following Media campaign.

"We a coalition of peace groups encourage you to join the focused mass phone-in to the TV News bosses. Every day for the next three weeks call the national news chiefs listed below (also separately call their national and local newsrooms). As war proceeds, ask for:

1. Balanced coverage including images, interviews and reports of civilian casualties and other war impacts.

2. Equal time for anti-war experts and worldwide leaders and coverage of the many events beyond the rallies, including military families and members who oppose the war.

3. Prominent challenges to the Administration’s credibility. The broadcast media needs to hear that they have no credibility because they have not reported the false claims and lies already exposed by the print media. (Factual details below)

For the next three weeks we urge you to call one Network each day on the following schedule (addresses are further below): Call the news chief and or the news director or, if you can't get through, call the switchboard and ask for the newsroom. Even better, call them both. Keep the calls pouring in to the newsrooms. Calls are greatly more effective than emails and moderately more effective than faxes. .

Monday: ABC NEWS CHIEF David Westin. 212.456.6200. fax: 212.456.4292.. NEWS DRECTOR Mimi Gurbst. 212 456 4050 fax.212 456 2795 ABC SWITCHBOARD (ASK FOR NEWSROOM) 212.456-7777.
NEWSROOM fax 212.456.2795

Tuesday: MSNBC AND NBC. MSNBC NEWS CHIEF Mark Effron. 201.583.510. fax: 201.583.5199
NEWS DIRECTOR Alison Hawley. 201 583 5155. fax. 201 583 5512 MSNBC SWITCHBOARD (ASK FOR NEWSROOM) 201.583.5000 fax: 201.583.5590

NBC NEWS CHIEF Neil Shapiro. 212.664.4773. fax: 212.664.2264[ NEW DIRECTOR Thomas Ferraro 201 583 5231 fax. 201 583 5222 NBC SWITCHBOARD (ASK FOR NEWSROOM) 212.664.4444. fax: 201.583.5453

Wednesday: CBS NEWS CHIEF Andrew Hayward. 212.975.7825. fax: 212.975.7429.
NEWS DIRECTOR Marty Gill 212 975 6121 fax. 212 975 4114 CBS SWITCHBOARD (ASK FOR NEWSROOM) 212.975.4321 fax: 212.975.1893

Thursday: CNN NEWS CHIEF Walter Isaacson. 404.827.5111. fax: 404.827.4215. NEWS DIRECTOR Kim Bondy. 404 827 1500. fax. 404 827 1099 CNN SWITCHBOARD (ASK FOR NEWSROOM). 404.827.1500.


Friday: FOX NEWS CHIEF: John Moody. 212.301.8560. fax: 212.398.8726.
NEWS DIRECTOR Kathleen Ardleigh 212 3013186 fax. 212 301 3300 FOX SWITCHBOARD (ASK FOR NEWSROOM) 212.575.4670. fax: 212.301.8274

Besides the daily calls, WHENEVER YOU SEE OR HEAR BIASED COVERAGE, CALL THE NEWS CHIEFS AND/OR NEWSROOMS AND INSIST ON RESPONSIBLE, IN-DEPTH JOURNALISM. There is plenty every day to call about. Calls are best because they must halt misinforming the public while they deal with you. If you cannot reach policy makers, then fax or e-mail. "

MEDIA CHALLENGE! is co-sponsored by: Projects4Peace, ICUJP (Interfaith Communities United for Justice and Peace), Neighbors for Peace and Justice, Coalition for World Peace, Global Guardianship Initiative, Code Pink for Peace, Peace on the Beach, Peace Warriors, LA International A.N.S.W.E.R., Not in Our Name, Global Women’s Strike and Southern Cal. Americans for Democratic Action.

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31 Mar 2003 @ 09:31 by jmarc : i took your advice
i called msnbc and told them peter arnett is a dupe. They listened and fired him. Great advice, thanks. I will do this more. Next, that geraldo guy.  

31 Mar 2003 @ 11:52 by jewel : GOOD ONE
I think what you wrote is funny--- but please remember this is not 'my advice' -- this is a cooalition of the groups mentioned here-in! smile.  

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