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2003-03-31 12:27, by Julie Solheim-Roe


This is so important, I am giving it a second post. I got my last entry emailed from Jay Levin again --- see the list of many many activists groups that are uniting for this media campaign. The prior post lists the news agencies to call and what date. The following, however, gives us specific things to say when we are calling and debating the situation:

"In speaking to news chiefs, insist that information refuting administration statements be mentioned every time the administration claim is mentioned. Prominent should be these facts: ..."

"When a newscaster reports US claims it is at war over Iraq's alleged weapons of mass destruction, the report must also state the essential role of key neo-conservatives in pushing a three-decade old agenda that predates Iraqi chemical/biological weaponry and which sees the U.S. first taking Iraq, then moving into Iran and Syria in order to control the Mideast and its oil power. That policy was openly codified in the formation in 1997 of a new and highly activist right-wing organization, The Project for a New American Century, which counts as key members most of the administration's top national security figures. Americans need to be reminded of this hourly.

Evidence of Administration lying to the public must be prominently and repeatedly mentioned. The evidence should include the following:

*** Knowing use by the Administration of a forged document – alleged evidence of Iraqi attempts to acquire nuclear materials from Niger -- to obtain Congressional authority to go to war. Senator Jay Rockefeller (W. Va) has now demanded an FBI investigation of this deceit and Rep. Henry Waxman (LA) has written the President demanding an explanation of "this breach of the highest order."

***Reports by the Philadelphia Inquirer and New York Times that intelligence analysts were under intense pressure by the Administration to "cook the books" on Iraq.

***The resignations of State Dept. diplomat John Kiesling protesting that "we have not seen such systematic distortion of intelligence, such systematic manipulation of American opinion, since the war in Vietnam."

***Newsweek’s disclosure that the Administration’s most oft-cited best source of intelligence about Iraq’s pre-1991 weapons of mass destruction, Saddam Hussein’s late son-in-law, told UN inspectors and the CIA in 1995 that Iraq’s biological and chemical weapons had been destroyed after the war – information not reported to the American public by Bush, Cheney or Powell in public statements referring to the son-in-law.

***The fact that virtually every statement Secretary of State Powell made to the UN in his famous "evidence" case against Iraq has now been refuted in the print media. British newspapers, for example, exposed that much of the information was not drawn from intelligence sources but from a years old doctoral study by a student who got most of his information from the Internet. The LA Times revealed that the alleged Al Qaeda base in Iraq was actually in territory not controlled by Iraq but overseen by US Kurdish allies and that the administration had refused to tell Congress why it had not been "taken out."

The Mid-East financial dealings of the Bush family, Vice President Cheney and Defense Secretary Rumsfeld and the new no-bid contracts to rebuild Iraq being given to their business associates. Cheney flatly lied during the election when he said he had no business dealings with Iraq.

The price we pay for war and the military buildup must also daily be moved front and center. This includes major budget
cuts in poverty, health, housing, transportation and other programs. Civil liberties and government spying must also be
headlined regularly.

Currently, many stories crucial for the public to know are uncovered by independent and foreign journalists or by the
print media and never see the light of day in TV newsrooms. This must change. For example, the networks have not informed the public in depth on the U.S. role in putting Saddam Hussein in power and on U.S. assistance in helping him acquire biological weapons and use chemical weapons. They avoid the President’s personal religious beliefs and close ties to fundamentalists seeking “apocalypse” in the Mideast - in other words, the very real question of whether the President is a closet religious fanatic.

They have kept from the public how the U.S. government misled Saudi Arabia in 1991 on the threat to its borders from
Iraq and then lied about babies being slaughtered by Iraq. These are clearly stories that, if referred to as regularly as
TV cites Saddam Hussein’s history, might shape public opinion in directions other than the war promoting in which TV engages.

Reforms are essential to reverse TV's abuse of its power with the public and its undermining of our democracy."

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31 Mar 2003 @ 15:52 by sharie : Who controls the media?
The Bush people also put Osama Bin Laden in power, the CIA trained him and his men... the billionaire weapons manufacturers - Lockheed Martin in particular - are creating world war. Lockheed Martin Board of Directors and CEO's are pocketing money from the U.S. taxpayers through the U.S. Department of Defense, the U.S. Department of Energy, and H.U.D. (Housing and Urban Development). They're makin' a killing. Dick Cheney's wife sits on Lockheed Martin's Board of Directors. What a web we weave...

Thanks for the post Julie.

I'm passing this excerpt on for those who are interested:

Thanks for the latest info on the research into the mass murderers, as well as your correspondence with Ray. Below is a summary of what I've recently uncovered... I ask that IF you post it, or send it on to others, please do NOT include my name or email address. Based on my research, I conclude that the Board of Directors of Lockheed Martin - along with the primary stockholders in pharmaceuticals and chemicals - are the decision-makers behind in the military invasion of the middle east (dubya's organizational skills are inadequate to the task.)

Their plan is to invade Syria, Northern Africa, the rest of the arabian peninsula (including Saudi Arabia), Israel, Pakistan, and Asia... dubya warned us this would be "an endless war". He wasn't kidding. Who told him that? Everybody knows Cheney is behind all this. Cheney's wife is on the Board of Directors of Lockheed Martin. It's a conspiracy created by the Billionaire Board Members of Weapons, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, and the Processed *Foods* (I use that word lightly because what they call food there is actually just body pollution).

The billionaires behind this plan to rule the world have trillions of dollars which disappeared from the pentagon budget, the HUD budget, the IRS budget, and other U.S. Government agencies over the past 12 years, in which to bribe U.N. Ambassadors and various heads of state. They also have trillions in U.S. public tax dollars replenished every year.

These billionaires have already committed mass murder slaughter through the sale of aspartame (which is wood alcohol poisoning), through the sale of chemically-altered nicotine and pesticide-poisoned cigarette tobacco (creating addicted slaves and then killing them with terminal cancers), while pocketing personal fortunes off the sale of pharmaceuticals prescribed by doctors in order to suppress the symptoms of their poisons. This is all intentional and uncovered in the F.D.A. documents related to their approval of aspartame, and the court documents from the lawsuits against the tobacco companies (Florida in particular).

These billionaires have now begun bio-chemical warfare - such as SARS - which will continue to wipe out the global population. They plan to murder about two BILLION people throughout the middle east and asia, and another two BILLION from Europe, Africa, Russia and the Americas.

Weapons for ALL fighting factions are provided by these billionaires... through their weapons companies, and paid for by tax dollars from various countries including U.S. taxpayers, as well as Saudi oil money, etc. Lockheed Martin is the world's largest weapons manufacturer. They also have government contracts with the U.S. Department of Energy and H.U.D. (Housing and Urban Development). These billionaires plan to wipe out the muslims, and anyone else who refuses to be their economic/consumer slave.

Over the next few years, food and other basic supplies will become more and more scarce... everywhere. Economies around the world will collapse while banks re-possess homes and businesses that are mortgaged. Very few people will be able to pay their debts so their assets will be seized. This is the plan that will enable the billionaires to own everything and everyone.

Starvation, disease, and death will become rampant, as will military bombings, and bizarre epidemics. This is the scenario which a group of billionaires have decided on. And they are currently in action:

These human beings could have chosen to create a wonderful glorious world, but they are operating out of theories on economics, on human nature, and on our natural world which are false.

The billionaire's economy thrives on the exploitation and suffering of the people and on the destruction of our natural environment; however, this is clearly unhealthy, self-destructive, and a false premise under which they operate.

I will explain in detail the work I've done in uncovering the basic facts of a healthy economy. Thank you for your dedication to truth.


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