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picture 2003-07-07 08:51, by Julie Solheim-Roe

Gothic Image Publications has just published Palden Jenkin's re-write of Healing the Hurts of Nations. I went to the launch party last Saturday Night at the Gothic Image bookstore on Glastonbury's High Street. I am deeply moved by this book and inspired by the potential impact it can have on the confusing and deeply complex issues of globalization, as well as helping those like myself who truly do get the deeper issues at stake in the world today, and yet still would appreciate the dialogues this can encourage to bring forth in our communities and salons. I ask all NCN'ers to not only buy it, read it, but also to help bring it forth. Futurists and those connected-in with book-reviewing... let me know as I am going to help the PR on this one.

Palden's message is accessable, articulate, deeply moving and vital. We stand at a threshold. To know, to truly know, the human side -- is the only side we can be on... now there is a challenge the information in this book can help us face, feel and understand...

About the book, from the HHN web site:
"This is a new look at the human aspect of today's international affairs. Many people are deeply concerned about developments in the news and seek to understand the meaning of it all. This book offers insights into the deeper significance of what's going on and what we can do about it.

It is a wide-ranging book that steps back and takes a long view of human history and the coming century. It looks into the collective psyche and the heart of humanity, the way they operate, and the conflict between the 'official view' and public intuition, conscience and feeling.

The book features the vital missing, yet central, elements in globalisation: people, nations and cultures.

Healing the Hurts of Nations first examines group identity, and the underlying dynamics of belief, fear, guilt, misunderstanding and hope that underlie national and international relations. Then it lifts a few rugs in the areas of globalisation, civilisation, leadership, national interest and the imprints of the past. In part three it highlights four countries to see how their histories affect their current situation - Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Britain and Iraq.

Part four examines an emergent 21st Century agenda, which shows itself through current events and offers the world definitive options at every stage. Given the scale of problems ahead, how will we break through? Finally, part five suggests contributions we can make to moving the world forward. It maps a scenario and a set of priorities for the twenty-first century.

If you are concerned about the future, refugees, corporations, nationalism, US imperialism, globalisation, social breakdown, environmental issues, what to do about them, and how they fit together, this book is written for you.

Palden Jenkins: Palden is no ordinary commentator on world affairs. A student of history, geopolitics and spiritual matters since the 1960s, he sees current events and world trends in a deeper and longer-term context, unrestrained by professional, media or academic constraints. Raised in 1960s Liverpool, he was involved in radical student politics at the London School of Economics and in the seminal spiritual and lifestyle movements of the 1970s. He has not stopped since, founding three educational initiatives, writing books, running websites, teaching and counselling. He lives in Glastonbury, SW England, a small town with a big heritage and remarkable residents. Over the years Palden has helped thousands of people see a much bigger picture."

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7 Jul 2003 @ 09:47 by craiglang : Neat idea
Hi Julie,
This sounds like the right way to go - to focus on healing the differences, rather than settling them with contention. As Steven Covey would say, think win-win. War or other forms of political contention seem like win-lose thinking, which results in at-best a zero-sum game. The key to solve the problem is to solve the REAL problem, not focus on the divisions resulting from the problem.

Sounds like I need to order and read a new book... :-)

7/9/2003 Note: Just ordered through Amazon. The book is not scheduled for release in the USA until September.  

8 Jul 2003 @ 12:56 by Julie @ : yes please!
Palden -really- goes into this, what the REAL problems are. Really, all 'sick' systems are 'hurting'... so, it becomes the question 'how to heal'... which is what this book addresses, on deep levels, as well as intelligent thinking issues. Under the cuff, the former publication of this book was used by the Clinton's during Bosnia. Of course, they told him they'd never admit to it. And of course, they came into it a bit too late... (smile) I really want to help get this book out into the mainstream. After you buy it, read it and tell all your friends about it... encourage them/ us to share our experiences on-line. love~ Julie  

21 Feb 2016 @ 13:21 by Josie @ : FZEFTLCCVmqszOoVx

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