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picture2003-01-12 09:11, by Julie Solheim-Roe

It seems my article I posted at the New Year about the Mayan calendar was missing the first bit of the story and should have been called Steep Uphill Climb to 2012:
Messages from the Mayan Milieu
and that actually the title 'The World will Not End' was a subtitle. I looked at the original article sent to me from two reliable sources via email, and they both seem to be honouring of the author as well as give accurate information on how to contact him. The request we got informed us that we were:
"using a misleading portion of my copyright article on 2012 .... and that you have it wrongly attributed.

You have titled the portion you used "The Mayan Calendar: The World Will note End." However, that is just a subheading of the original and complete article.

But please do not maintain this misleading fragment of the 2012 article, with the wrong attribution, on your website.

It gives an incomplete and inaccurate picture of who Mr. Barrios is, and what he said to me during my interviews with him in Santa Fe. Readers are being confused.

I am the original author and sole copyright holder of this material. I earn my living as a professional journalist, and so this is a matter of importance to me.

As a point of honor, I ask that you correct the article immediately. You are welcome to describe the article, to quote briefly from it within the general guidelines of "fair use," and to provide a direct link to the article:"
So, there you have it! I hope the article is now properly linked now, above. I guess it is time for me to engage with my other fellow Bloggers about the issues of copywrite... (to follow!) After looking both the original 'copywrited' article over as well as the one that was sent out, It is my opinion that the dissemination of this information in this form would have been a benefit to the goal hopefully behind bringing this information to the wider public.

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12 Jan 2003 @ 16:07 by ming : Corrections
Maybe, putting a link in your original posting, pointing to this one, would be a good move, in case the author comes back and checks just the original one.

But, yes, a good lead-in to talk about copyrights. I'm often puzzled when people are kind of mad about being quoted or copied. I think that most mentions are good mentions that further the spreading of your message. I'm always honored that somebody finds what I've written and that they like it enough to re-post it or quote it.  

12 Jan 2003 @ 16:58 by cho : I'd say you've been given a rough go.
That it's in some way legitimate speaks of how "copyright" and the attitudes that accompany it are very definitely OST.

{link:|ibiblio's Open Book Project}, the {link:|Andamooka Annotation Reader}, and {link:|The Assayer review site} make good use of {link:|GNU CopyLeft}. (The Assayer mentions "the Open Publication License".) That and other free (as in speech) licenses are being worked on globally.

Thanks for the good effort, Julie.

addend: the "that and other" blah-blah was caused by my getting brain-blocked trying to remember {link:|Creative Commons' Public Domain} license.  

7 Mar 2005 @ 17:29 by kissy @ : mayan predictions
thats buul crap  

11 Mar 2016 @ 03:38 by Nelda @ : aqGyQNgNUuDxVniJ

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