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picture 2003-04-24 23:59, by Julie Solheim-Roe

Last Thursday I found myself blessed to hear Noam Chomsky on Democracy Now which was airing on KPFK in LA. It was to mark the 4 week point since our assault upon the peoples and land of practically the most ancient civilization known in our history and herstory. Dr. Chomsky points out how the very people who are running the white house and the power games on the planet right now, are almost nearly the same crew who were in power in the early '80s and '90s under Reagan and Bushman 1. He speaks about the level of mass public dissent being in the 90% in many countries worldwide. I am listening to it again via live-streaming-- highly informative and provoking!

This image of the US flag with the swastika I found from another NCN blog, who also pointed to this article Who Is Running America?/The Bankruptcy of America, the Corporate United States,and the New World Order. Very good research about the credit and debit system currently controlling the earth's hallucination of lack and control thereof. I was happy to find this image, as I have been thinking of creating a bumper sticker with the swastika super-imposed over the American Flag. I am sure that fellow dissidents as wise as Dr. Chomsky however would advise against it, especially in light of that under 'Patriot Act II' the justice department can take one's citizenship just due to an 'inference'.... Oh Orwell roll over...

During the INNITIAL Iraqi invasion, I was forwarded a link to a fairly old analysis of Chomsky and the way the power of his mind can confront the most conforming mainstream interviewer. It is, however, still highly relevant, specific and witty. Find it here:
"What we call politics is really a shadow play conducted by corporate power. Parliament is the buffer between the popular desire for democracy and the reality of corporate rule. People, after all, are unlikely to resist that rule so long as politicians (and journalists) succeed in persuading us that it is not there; that in fact it is we who are in control. The mass media plays a crucial role in supporting the democracy illusion by pretending that the arguments presented to us - together with the parties we are allowed to choose from - constitute a free and fair spectrum of choices, which are our choices, and not what is left after state and corporate power have filtered out choices that threaten to interfere. One of the choices deemed unfit for public consumption is the idea that the mass media is a propaganda system."

I am classifying this note under Futurism/ Evolution. For surely as the new Matrix film is about to be released, and we want to play this bad movie one more time as loud as possible, surely surely surely as all the Futurists like Ming and the Bucky Fuller models that demonstrate the natural organic flow of what is needed and wanted beyond these false prisms of lack and a death of limbo and slavery...

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25 Apr 2003 @ 05:50 by spiritseek : Great article...
Keep up the good work in posting important articles,we need them to make a sound judgement! Good flag...(grin)  

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