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2003-04-04 11:25, by Julie Solheim-Roe

I caught the author of the book Women of Courage and the woman who helped bring it to the stage on KPFK yesterday. Sounds fascinating both as a read and a production:
"Deemed a “wildfire success” by the press, Courage Onstage is a unique blend of theater and reality. From the loud and dramatic to the quiet and fragile, courage comes alive in the stories of five women who changed the world around them. Their stories are woven on the thread of author Katherine Martin’s journey as she wrote Women of Courage, surprised by what she found and changed by the discovery of true courage, a far cry from stereotypes."
Seems a production will be happening on 10th April:
This dramatic presentation will tell the stories of these courageous local women:

* Julie Su, who, a year out of law school, brought a landmark lawsuit against garment "sweatshops"

* Michèle Ohayon, who was nominated for an Academy award for her feature documentary, Colors Straight Up

* Kathy Buckley, America's favorite hearing-impaired comedienne and author of If You Could Hear What I See

* Sabrina Ward Harrison, the young author of Spilling Open: The Art of Becoming Yourself

* Margaret Ensley, who created Mothers Against Violence in Schools following the random shooting death of her son at school

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