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picture 2003-03-22 00:55, by Julie Solheim-Roe

I just wrote this letter to a man who was with a woman who stoned and threw me out of a sacred dance group, because of my serious transgression and very personal research ideas into the SCARLET WOMAN.... (I guess they weren't giving out the Masters Program in Whoredome quite yet) ... I haven't correspnded with them for years.

But he sent a 'reply all' to a email dissemination list which had posted something about a Green Peace proposal: "The 'Uniting for Peace' resolution in the UN General Assembly to make clear the world's opposition to a devastating and illegal war in Iraq waged by the United States and a small group of allies." His response was that the UN is now 'irrelevant' and that he is a man of 'peace' and a 'minister'....

Hence, my own Madness comes close to home, again and again:

Yes the lines are being drawn and those who live in illusion, delusion, 'we are all one' and blah blah blah.... patriarchy... Are rearing their heads.

Elitism. Privilege. And egoism.

Oh, and SPLIT psyches of false righteousness 'do-gooders'....

Who is a Minister?

Who cast out the Whores when things got tough, and tried to sage her wearing white wings.... supporting women who pray to the 'goddess' of glamour, but pretend to be Madonnas and those who have less sins than another?

The suburban ones, you know and you know... what I am talking about.

The Whore of Babylon is back. And this time she will be restored. She will love the war out of the men who still hate their mothers and disgust us with talk of honour and light whilst they continue to isolate, divide and conquer with all the psycho psychic psycho-babble of a 'light-filled' man.

Go ahead, steal Max's email list and I'll give it back to you baby in front of all the damned singers and prayers to a transpersonal god... deny and deny and deny. That humanity is sick. Life IS personal.

The closest spiritual reaction right now is repent repent repent. For we are in pain and we are lost. Pretend to be BUDHAH or THE CHRIST now and you be lost lost lost. We are ripping away babies here and there and everywhere.

And in the richest city in the WORLD ... buying gas and chocolate and coffee with BLOOD IN IT. Whilst the OTHER LA is starving. Pink slips to the teachers. This war costs blood across all boundaries because this war is not just here, with us loosing all our social services. Not just in every frickin country who've been bullied by the US and the CORPORATE ELITE.

The UN actually WAS disarming Hussein for years. The inspections worked for years, disarmed more after the last Gulf War than actually during the bombings then. This is the best damned smoke screen we have ever seen.

Shock and awe of a nation state gone wild. Greed has reached it's end.

The US of A and Israel break way more UN resolutions than Iraq does/ did.

Turn off the blinders and smell the depleted uranium, the babies born w/out limbs... and the economic sanctions that the US bullied UN caused Iraqi's to suffer.... the war has never stopped.

Where is the love? Babies. 50% are children. Estimated 1/2 million will die.

The current state of Afghanistan after our 'liberation': the Taliban still have a radio station, more popular than ever, their graves are used as spiritual sites. Puppet gov. doesn't work. Lynchings are happening daiily in the streets. The women slavery export is on the rise again there. We promised to build roads and also to remove MINES. Instead we only remove the mines that are near the oil pipe lines we are building. Entire towns have NO MALE POPULATION. We killed all men in the large radius around former Al-Quida camps. That would be like the UK bombing Ireland and killing all men in Dublin looking for a few IRA members.

Pagans Unite. ---- The lande! The water supplies. Their food chain. The highest ratio of 'casualties' on OUR side, Desert Storm #1.

Ministers never talk about STRENGTH in such a manner.

Get outside the box and listen to the World. Rome is falling. And She is calling calling calling... for you to


With every bomb we drop, every CIA covert action that is covered up in the name of 'democracy' ... we create 100 new terrorists. A world that takes care of all peoples and not corporate interests, does not BREED terrorism. Look into Bush's eyes and see his reflection in the mirror of Hussain. Look into Osoma Bin Laddin's eyes and see Righteousness. Talk about conviction. Ganesh -- remember his story?

When we bomb the food supplies in Iraq, shutting off millions of daily food rations, we will actually be killing more babies who will NOT get the food in time for our planned 'relief' efforts.

We are NOT bombing Hussain. We are bombing and infecting with RADIOACTIVE waste, an entire nation of peoples and their home, and their ancestor's home.

Meanwhile, in the US -- this 'OPERATION LIBERTY SHIELD' actually is rounding up all Iraqi's that are displaced and have come here to flee the supposed persecution of Hussain. Canadian borders -- Asians and Arabs fleeing and being picked up.

I could go on and on... and I WILL GO ON AND ON.

For, I care too much for the people and children and earth of this planet.

My child's life... my life... our personal sovereign rights...

This is the ONLY life, here. Now.

This is not a party. This is Murder....

- - -

"I've seen the Future baby and It is Murder"

- Leonard Cohen/ Democracy is Coming to the USA

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