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Sunday, June 29, 2008day link 

 Still Time for Harvest
picture This morning I pulled a card from Dr. Christiane Northrup's "Women's Bodies, Women's WIsdom' Healing Cards entitled from the "Fertility & Creativity" Key Life Are, Card I.

"Imagine? Allow: In order to tap in to your inherent fertility and creative ability, you must believe in unlimited possibilities. If this card has shown up in your reading, your spirit is asking you to open up to the possibility of creating or being more than you ever dreamed possible.

"You are infinitely creative by nature. Biologica fertility is just one aspect of your creativity. If anything at all were possible, what would you create?"

And then I was struck with the image which was "full of images that evoke abundance and virtually endless creative possibilities." In particular Northrup is using classical images, and this particular image 'Les licornes' by Moreau uses similar themes from 'The Lady and Unicorn" tapestries from the middle ages I used in a 'tapestry' branding story for my business concept. It has to do with the Heart's True Desire - Transcendental Love and also the 6th sense, the entire oversoul of S'Amuser.

Friday night I came across a new site called WE Book dot com and decided to start throwing up the outline of my book and all completed or chapters in progress as a place to share and get feedback! For those who might be interested The Scarlet Thread will be fleshed out here over the coming weeks. I am determined to have two compilations of earlier work simultaneously completed whilst I am relaunching S'Amuser in LA.

I am so grateful to be back on US soil and so very grateful that I am in my flow and I have fans, allies, and smart business people willing to assist and network on my behalf. I had some great news this week and feel that the unfolding is happening organically yet with focus, intent and smart execution this time.

If anything at all were possible - I would create what I am creating - and I would TRUST that all is here to support this process. Chantal and are will be in a large comfortable and beautiful place in the Pacific Palisades by the start of August, and we will sign the lease on the new S'Amuser by summer's end, and The Scarlet Thread FIRST EDITION will go to print this Harvest. I will find 2 weeks to take off with Agent KP and we will do the Journal Project. The total sum total of my Life's Work to Date will be earmarked, a foundation will be set, all the feminine processing, the initiations and the journey will have it's reward in completed Works, to share the gift of gnosis I have gained along this deep strong path.

I am an agent for change. I am a vessel of creative flow. I thank the gods angels and great Lady for all the assistance. I thank the infinite synchronicities, fates and muses for the incredible inspiration and the ability to Re-member what I am here to share, and hold.

Once this foundation is laid, rocket fuel will pump through my mind soul and body and being and acting as an agent of change, love, beauty, and inspiration will flow into concrete projects and associations which uplift and support the greater world. I will be again at the Round Table of Planetary Lights, who are one million percent committed to sharing a greater more abundant and peaceful world and creating from the inside out, an enlightened planetary society.

If anything were possible, I would be on top of all the tasks and execution and TRUST that the right time and space is made available - aligned with my Will - for all to be completed effortlessly with passion - for the greater good.

Blessed Be! What a Glorious Day!
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Wednesday, February 20, 2008day link 

 a genuine relationship with all things.
"Meanwhile, we are beleaguered. We hold the pass.
The fragile hold the pass precariously, hiding behind boulders of ego and dogma.
The heroic hold the pass a bit more tenaciously, gracefully acknowledging their follies and absurdities, but insisting, ever toward life. 
Life is largely material, and there is no small heroism in the full and open enjoyment of material things.
The accumulation of material things is shallow and vain,
but to have a genuine relationship with such things is to have a relationship with life and, by extension, a relationship with the divine."

-- Jitterbug Perfume

I am grateful that I have had this genuine relationship with all things, with things, and have been able to discard and flow, to always take care of the bohemian bourgeoise artistic sensitivity....

I am at a point now where I've realized where the innate shadow voices instilled via patriarchal matrixes of what a fraud/ fake we all are (thank you Tecia!) - what that is all about. IT's always us, the supra conscious creative sensitive geniuses that unlayer and unlayer the onion of that ridiculous thought patterns. That we are going to be found out for our fake fraud self. Well guess what? We are when we try to play in 'their' raindeer games! We are a fake when we are pretending to be what we think is required instead of showing up WHOLEY as ALL we are! In our fullness!

I'm at a point now where I am realizing where I am not and have not been showing up fully in my glory my power and truly living my life OUT LOUD. This is the impulse.

I am here to make manifest the glory inside. I am here to SHINE in the radiance of that which I KNOW is inside of me. I have Shown Up in so many ways, in so many places, but I've played the double agent game also. Gave up and got diplomatic. Tried to see how the other slices of pie were whole also but had also forgotten. The trick is tho, I can't be a slice next to their slice to remind them. I have to reflect the sphere the orbit the revolving explosion of pure fire phi light love truth freedom!

I am grateful for this knowing.

That today, this moon, this week.

I know my worth is not in the false games of material accumulation. My worth is not contingent on the bank account or a failed or successful business. My worth is in the Gnosis, the experience, the journey, the wealth of my wisdom, right here in each moment.

And I expect that worth to be reflected in my earthly experience. I expect the players to take the centre stage with me, and that the peers who are COMMITTED to BE that change, to BE and embody that transformation - will want to play with me and want to invest right here right now in the shared dream, the shared promise, the shared experience, of ALL of that!

I am grateful for the divine expression of my humanity. And it's weight in gold.

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Sunday, February 17, 2008day link 

 the new Los Angeles Vision
picture you came to me again from a new possibility - the sacred hi desert mohave land - and when i walked on your soil and drove in a sacred spiral - laying lay lines throughout the southland in that ethereal space time between christmas and new years... lax to brentwood heights - to palm springs arts festival - to letecia's family gathering - to amara and thomas' return to sell their sacred wares - to their home in yucca valley - 3 nights visioning with priestesses / sisters/ keepers of the eternal visions, letecia and amara, and then the time on amara's untouched land with the earth crust unbroken, the Vision came, the mind map revealed for 2008: a return to the city of angels immediately for me, and a new home life for chantal and i .... then sunday 30th december we drove via glendale - to ojai - and had sacred spring renewal, celestine prophecy awake dreaming... new years with jay and cynthia meeting the hilarious dog archetype / oracle game... and then new years day dinner with jennifer in la and drive to la jolla .... meeting on the beach 2nd jan with he project 8 production team.... slept 2nd back in brentwood then 3rd in santa barbara with allen the golden hearted new keystone for my perfume business remergence in la.... and then back to ojai to collect tecia and land on the 3rd at marigrace's new home old sacred space centre... to an incredible climax with marigrace and letecia on friday the 4th.... spent the whole day 5th jan at lax writing new names for s'amuser... the eternal muse..... i am grateful for the huge VISION this trip gave me, the mind map i have on my wall here in glastonbury and the KNOWING that this is all UNFOLDING now, and that the new life in the city of angels will be fulfilled immediately. i am grateful for he knowing that if i put forth the dream, the plan and feel the worth of this in my cells, that doors will open and it will be realized in flow ease and total abundance for ALL. om shanti om.

i am grateful for the Vision - for the Sisters - for the Support - and for always and forever the Love...
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picture picture

Friday, February 15, 2008day link 

 today and every day is the first day.....
picture I have been wanting to write and create a gratitude journal for some time. I have a few zillion journal entries written on my heart....

Today is the moment I've been waiting for. I am grateful for the child before me, your innocence trust and ability to feel deeply in your cells and atoms and dancing molecules. I am grateful you were sent to me to bless and uplift my life. I am grateful incredibly for the honour of raising you and showing you a magical wonderful world. I am grateful for the fact that you might not fully know all the activities and haunts of the insane 'i's that collapse from the Shared Space of the Eternal. I am grateful for your presence in my life, and that it reflects purely the essence possible and awarded to me by the angels. You are a gift to Life, to me your mother and to all our kin. To our blood family and the Aquarian family that has stayed in sacred union and touch even if we are far apart. I am grateful for the opportunity to cherish you and nourish you and protect you and to teach you that Life supports you. I believe this FOR you even when I forget it for my small self. I am eternally grateful that I believer in THAT reality being created for you, by me, through our small 'family' unit.

I am grateful for all that Chantal brings to my life and the world. I just look at you, touch you, engage with you --- and I remember - everything!
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