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picture 2008-06-29 21:18, by Julie Solheim-Roe

This morning I pulled a card from Dr. Christiane Northrup's "Women's Bodies, Women's WIsdom' Healing Cards entitled from the "Fertility & Creativity" Key Life Are, Card I.

"Imagine? Allow: In order to tap in to your inherent fertility and creative ability, you must believe in unlimited possibilities. If this card has shown up in your reading, your spirit is asking you to open up to the possibility of creating or being more than you ever dreamed possible.

"You are infinitely creative by nature. Biologica fertility is just one aspect of your creativity. If anything at all were possible, what would you create?"

And then I was struck with the image which was "full of images that evoke abundance and virtually endless creative possibilities." In particular Northrup is using classical images, and this particular image 'Les licornes' by Moreau uses similar themes from 'The Lady and Unicorn" tapestries from the middle ages I used in a 'tapestry' branding story for my business concept. It has to do with the Heart's True Desire - Transcendental Love and also the 6th sense, the entire oversoul of S'Amuser.

Friday night I came across a new site called WE Book dot com and decided to start throwing up the outline of my book and all completed or chapters in progress as a place to share and get feedback! For those who might be interested The Scarlet Thread will be fleshed out here over the coming weeks. I am determined to have two compilations of earlier work simultaneously completed whilst I am relaunching S'Amuser in LA.

I am so grateful to be back on US soil and so very grateful that I am in my flow and I have fans, allies, and smart business people willing to assist and network on my behalf. I had some great news this week and feel that the unfolding is happening organically yet with focus, intent and smart execution this time.

If anything at all were possible - I would create what I am creating - and I would TRUST that all is here to support this process. Chantal and are will be in a large comfortable and beautiful place in the Pacific Palisades by the start of August, and we will sign the lease on the new S'Amuser by summer's end, and The Scarlet Thread FIRST EDITION will go to print this Harvest. I will find 2 weeks to take off with Agent KP and we will do the Journal Project. The total sum total of my Life's Work to Date will be earmarked, a foundation will be set, all the feminine processing, the initiations and the journey will have it's reward in completed Works, to share the gift of gnosis I have gained along this deep strong path.

I am an agent for change. I am a vessel of creative flow. I thank the gods angels and great Lady for all the assistance. I thank the infinite synchronicities, fates and muses for the incredible inspiration and the ability to Re-member what I am here to share, and hold.

Once this foundation is laid, rocket fuel will pump through my mind soul and body and being and acting as an agent of change, love, beauty, and inspiration will flow into concrete projects and associations which uplift and support the greater world. I will be again at the Round Table of Planetary Lights, who are one million percent committed to sharing a greater more abundant and peaceful world and creating from the inside out, an enlightened planetary society.

If anything were possible, I would be on top of all the tasks and execution and TRUST that the right time and space is made available - aligned with my Will - for all to be completed effortlessly with passion - for the greater good.

Blessed Be! What a Glorious Day!

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