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Wednesday, February 20, 2008day link 

 a genuine relationship with all things.
"Meanwhile, we are beleaguered. We hold the pass.
The fragile hold the pass precariously, hiding behind boulders of ego and dogma.
The heroic hold the pass a bit more tenaciously, gracefully acknowledging their follies and absurdities, but insisting, ever toward life. 
Life is largely material, and there is no small heroism in the full and open enjoyment of material things.
The accumulation of material things is shallow and vain,
but to have a genuine relationship with such things is to have a relationship with life and, by extension, a relationship with the divine."

-- Jitterbug Perfume

I am grateful that I have had this genuine relationship with all things, with things, and have been able to discard and flow, to always take care of the bohemian bourgeoise artistic sensitivity....

I am at a point now where I've realized where the innate shadow voices instilled via patriarchal matrixes of what a fraud/ fake we all are (thank you Tecia!) - what that is all about. IT's always us, the supra conscious creative sensitive geniuses that unlayer and unlayer the onion of that ridiculous thought patterns. That we are going to be found out for our fake fraud self. Well guess what? We are when we try to play in 'their' raindeer games! We are a fake when we are pretending to be what we think is required instead of showing up WHOLEY as ALL we are! In our fullness!

I'm at a point now where I am realizing where I am not and have not been showing up fully in my glory my power and truly living my life OUT LOUD. This is the impulse.

I am here to make manifest the glory inside. I am here to SHINE in the radiance of that which I KNOW is inside of me. I have Shown Up in so many ways, in so many places, but I've played the double agent game also. Gave up and got diplomatic. Tried to see how the other slices of pie were whole also but had also forgotten. The trick is tho, I can't be a slice next to their slice to remind them. I have to reflect the sphere the orbit the revolving explosion of pure fire phi light love truth freedom!

I am grateful for this knowing.

That today, this moon, this week.

I know my worth is not in the false games of material accumulation. My worth is not contingent on the bank account or a failed or successful business. My worth is in the Gnosis, the experience, the journey, the wealth of my wisdom, right here in each moment.

And I expect that worth to be reflected in my earthly experience. I expect the players to take the centre stage with me, and that the peers who are COMMITTED to BE that change, to BE and embody that transformation - will want to play with me and want to invest right here right now in the shared dream, the shared promise, the shared experience, of ALL of that!

I am grateful for the divine expression of my humanity. And it's weight in gold.

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