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Monday, May 5, 2003day link 

 Estonia's Hi Tech Face
picture The old world of Estonia is a constant source of inspiration for me. It's like the old Paris. A cafe town of cross-cultures with the buzz of trying out a sort of democratic socialism... as well as the most beautiful women you have seen anywhere. There is something so romantic to me about it. I've been once with Flemming and our Finnish Friend Marko a couple years ago, but we've been to Helsinki many times. At one point one of our business ventures was about to happen and my partner and I were about to move over there! We still dream about it.

The latest news is their government is now using the net for their business communication, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in paper. Estonia is ranked 8th in the world for using the net in practical manners and though still a poor country, has computers in all their classrooms down to kindergardn:
"Estonia is now developing an e-academy to teach ex-Soviet states how to adopt this kind of technology.

Latvia and Lithuania have signed up.

To encourage people to use the internet, there are 500 public internet access points in Estonia, one of the highest numbers in Europe.

If you want to find one, you just look for an @ symbol on a road sign. "

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Monday, February 24, 2003day link 

 More Blog Headlines - UK
pictureBBC News on Blog technology yesterday -- it's not the technology that they are reporting that is so cool to me -- although THAT IS cool also (this time it's 'moblogging') -- it's HOW Blogging is being recognized:
There are thousands of blogs on the web and they are often interlinked, creating an eco-system of ever-changing ideas on the net.
And in regards to Google buying Blogger's technology:
"Google's buy is a recognition that the news in future will be reported by ordinary people with their own particular bias on stories," said Mr Holahan (CEO of Newbay Software)
Their previous story cited this quote from Rebecca Blood:
"Google buying Blogger validates the importance of weblogs to the internet ecosystem. You can't devalue people and the things they care about."
I see blogs as a sort of reality TV, with the authentic global brain more apparent. Rather than making fun of ordinary people wishing they were stars, blogs seem to be good only when we realize the extra-ordinary from the inside out, from within the buzz of the traversers of knowledge and news... those who indeed wish to find out and Know... literally creating a collective Gnosis. It doesn't matter what I say. But it does matter that I say it and think about it and it's somehow logged in the Grand Conversation. The wheels within wheels... and for Christ's sake not reinventing the wheel anymore! Flemming and I would look at it like C to the infinity power, the synapses of the global brain.. Connecting Circles Cells Creating Collaborating Conspiring... Conscious, Continuous, Cooperative, Collective. We have now dubbed it Cr8 and use it for our logo for our OrgSpace modular software development....
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Saturday, December 28, 2002day link 

pictureThis article by Noah Shachtman speaks of how Blogs actually influence issues which the US mainstream media may wish to ignore, as in the Trent Lott case:
"It's safe to assume that, before he flushed his reputation down the toilet, Trent Lott had absolutely no idea what a blog was.

"He may have a clue now. Internet opinion pages like Instapundit ([link]), run by University of Tennessee law professor Glenn Reynolds, and Talking Points Memo ([link]),from leftie political columnist Josh Marshall -- were among the first to latch on to's brief item on Lott's racist comments during Strom Thurmond's 100th birthday bash.

"And they kept focusing on Lott's hateful past -- until the national press corps finally had to take notice.

'Joshua Marshall, whose is must reading for the politically curious, (is) more than anyone else, responsible for making Trent Lott's offensive remarks the issue they deserve to be,' noted Paul Krugman in his New York Times column."

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