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Monday, February 24, 2003day link 

 More Blog Headlines - UK
pictureBBC News on Blog technology yesterday -- it's not the technology that they are reporting that is so cool to me -- although THAT IS cool also (this time it's 'moblogging') -- it's HOW Blogging is being recognized:
There are thousands of blogs on the web and they are often interlinked, creating an eco-system of ever-changing ideas on the net.
And in regards to Google buying Blogger's technology:
"Google's buy is a recognition that the news in future will be reported by ordinary people with their own particular bias on stories," said Mr Holahan (CEO of Newbay Software)
Their previous story cited this quote from Rebecca Blood:
"Google buying Blogger validates the importance of weblogs to the internet ecosystem. You can't devalue people and the things they care about."
I see blogs as a sort of reality TV, with the authentic global brain more apparent. Rather than making fun of ordinary people wishing they were stars, blogs seem to be good only when we realize the extra-ordinary from the inside out, from within the buzz of the traversers of knowledge and news... those who indeed wish to find out and Know... literally creating a collective Gnosis. It doesn't matter what I say. But it does matter that I say it and think about it and it's somehow logged in the Grand Conversation. The wheels within wheels... and for Christ's sake not reinventing the wheel anymore! Flemming and I would look at it like C to the infinity power, the synapses of the global brain.. Connecting Circles Cells Creating Collaborating Conspiring... Conscious, Continuous, Cooperative, Collective. We have now dubbed it Cr8 and use it for our logo for our OrgSpace modular software development....
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