Scarlet Jewels: On Cancer, Personal Loss, Death and Reckoning with 'God'
The NewsLog of Julie Solheim-Roe
 On Cancer, Personal Loss, Death and Reckoning with 'God'38 comments
2010-06-18 07:52, by Julie Solheim-Roe

Ok so it sounds like you need a sermon on the Mound from the Priestess of Love herself.... so here it goes:

Indeed the experiment of this whirld, this Maya Realm is all about the injustices of the human condition. Did some All-Mighty benevolent force set it all up to punish us? Is there a lack of compassion when the frail, unconscious, week and simple souls feel abandoned? Is this true? From one perspective, of course it is experienced like that is what is going on. Existentialists often tout how the 'new agers' are so fascist and UN-CHRIST-LIKE when they say that the downtrodden and dispossessed 'signed up for' some sort of karmic bullshit to have such an unfair existence. Of course not!
....... AND YET -- life is a dance of Chi - Flow - Power ---- and as infinite expressions of the One Force, the One Love that HAS no opposite (fear / death/ decay/ evil ) --- it can be extremely confusing for us dealing with what seems to be a reality of construct coming out of a biological evolutionary process condoning murder and meaninglessness...... The goal is for the God to awaken in the form of the suffering unjust. That is what is known as The Christ Consciousness. And that is basically the Aquarian Age -- when Critical Mass reaches that state. What would that look like? The Vedic Scriptures talk about the great Kali-Yoga. That is the age of the Great Hypocrisy. And there are all these realms of the Maya, that we must journey through as souls to find that Buddha Compassion. According to the Vedics, indeed, one must first get really pissed off at God and denounce the Illusion of fantasy (!!!) -- before He/She ascends to the next ring of Enlightenment. He must denounce God AND the Whirld... to get to this point, just before we see the absurdity of the Maya.... before we pierce the Veil and SEE BEYOND.... through the Looking Glass... that it's all a set-up. Yep it's all a con. Did some outside 'God' set it all up? What if we are a part of that God that set it up? The realm of Duality set up full of 'rules' to obey, push against, then break - and ultimately discard. The Agreement that something is No Longer Real -- like a superstition -- Banishes, the reality. The teachings of 'A Course in Miracles' states that what is all-encompassing can have NO OPPOSITE. SO the illusion of death and despair is the massive hallucination the whirld of Maya is prescribing to. As well as the 'stuck souls' in bodies on this suffering planet..... what's it all for? It's only for Redemption. It's only for Re-Remembrance of WHO WE REALLY ARE! We are made of the same stuff as the Stars. We are as Gods. We are connected to that Divine Spark. WE have the Power to find that in THIS incarnation... but sometimes it's not yet 'Time'.... but remember Time is an illusion... THIS STATE is an illusion... and only the journey towards Complete Love is real.... You know yourself that the flow of the Chi, the Tao, can be used for what seems to be the 'dark' and what seems to be the 'light'.... however indeed that is the point of this realm... for Life to try all possibilities... and in the end to Choose, it-Self... it's own inherent Nature.... that's the paradox. What happens when the God-sparks forget them-selves (small s) --- ???? ... And this is what you just experienced.... you saw no 'mercy'... and that the pain didn't seem fair.... anguish, despair and pain..... I get it beloved.... This planet is toxic and 1/2 will get cancer in this decade... because of the toxicity of what our Shadows have done to this realm... it's dark, painful and horrific. More slaves on the planet today... more wars.... and more corruption on the highest levels... how sophisticated we've become at destroying ourselves! It's maddening.... well I believe inside the Eye of this Needle, is the Divine "I AM" --- were some sort of 'Switch' happens and we Wake UP ---- I don't think we are here to muddle along and one day whilst carrying water and chopping wood, the Awakening happens.... No. I believe that we are standing at the Precipice before we Jump! towards our own Nature -- towards a more cosmic evolution. And the cancer, is a disgusting reminder... that indeed we must take our Power back. We must Turn towards the Light. I do not believe that the suffering is in vain... I do believe the Souls move on, and even those 'left behind' on this miserable planet... will find Moments of Grace... and their souls will evolve. The 'Christ' energy has incredible compassion and yes even anger towards the dispossessed. I do not think it any small thing your 'reckoning' with the Divine. Indeed it is what is called for now. This is our Finest and Darkest Hour. It's incredibly painful. The greed, corruption and atrocities to Life! Look at the toxins used to 'disperse' the oil spill! No different than allopathic doctors. Medical doctors know nothing about the well-being of the body. They are taught to treat the body like a machine that dies and get's sick. That's the paradigm. And MDs die younger than the average death rate in all Western Cultures! The paradigm is flawed. In a concentric circle, in a Unified Field... there is an alignment.... there is a cooperation in Nature.... there is beauty and order and miracles in the Consciousness of Creation... but I do not see it as 'out there' .... it's inside and outside in ---- it's through and deeply through - the soul's progression of awareness via the time/ space continuum -- which I believes is only here to get us to 'let go' and 'let God'. The true 'God' of Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, Grace, and the Belief that our soul's are innately Good. That Life is Benign. Not to be fought, attacked or overcome... but to face our fears and find something extraordinary beyond all the pain and suffering... or rather INSIDE of it all... RIGHT THERE in front of our faces....

Christ means the Annointed One.

Who Annointed Him? MM xxxxx (that's who)

Ti mando i pensieri del Divino Amore, bellezza e la grazia. Che il nettare degli dei sarà assaporato di nuovo.
xxx Figlia della Grande Dea Afrodite

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