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picture 2003-11-14 09:15, by Julie Solheim-Roe

I have a drawer full of my research on this subject, but when brothers like Ming and the rest of them... start commenting about the Jesus/ Mary potential marriage and all the prime-time attention the research behind The Da Vinci Code... and the 'truth' about the Holy Graal... it makes me stop and want to add to the Great Conversation, on only a few points. Some of this I commented already on Ming's blog.

There are many stories and realities about The Magda, Tower, Strength, Source, Vine, Cup, Lines... of the Priestly divination of 'Jesus'... who indeed Innitiated the 'Christos' (the one who is annointed by the Priestess/ (Sacred) Prostitute... They are lead us back to Her of All Bodies, who can actually HEAL the wounds, the world, the 'sins' and the 'perversity' out of even those who want to kill and fuck her... and indeed, isn't that what we have come to, on the most base level? The Bush/ Blair/ Corporate Greed Empire... has come to this level of hypocrosy...

All the bodies of Her, the Sophia Dark Matter Mysterious Principal of dark streams and deep holy earthe... the fragrance and flowers of certain power spots on Earth, the ones on the old pilgrim grids in Gaul, Britania and Brittany.. . All her bodies have been made to heal all fragments that seek her and crave her offerings, her annointments, her Initiations. She is the One who opens and is not afraid of your wounds, wars and wantings... for she takes it all into her folds, into her bodies, into her deep star nebula centres... and the Gnosis is beheld by those who truly Seek Her.

Looking at Her Story in only One life, one linear story of 'history' is a mistake. Yes, the Mysteries have been preserved. Yes the Priory has the 'Graal' on one level... and there are so many more books -- The Templar Revelation and Lawrence Gardner's Bloodline of the Holy Grail are good starts.... It's about finding Her Story that's written in all stories. The Mysteries, the Alchemy, the Beating bleating hearts of all our western mythos... we need Mary Magdalene NOW more than ever!

Let's go deper, and look at our ideas of Wife, Lover, Consort, Whore, Hore', Priestess, Prostitute... and then study the whole MM story, inside out and upside down... That's where She'll take you. And in todays Whirlds... thats the only way "out"... "in".... Deep to the centre of her eyes, womb and heart... that is where you find the sacred Mirror of Venus, Sirius and the Source -- The Queen of Heaven Herself.

The wormhole of the Knowing Magdala surrenders all earthly pride and wealth and is reborn in all moments... and as she dissolves back in to the No Thing of the Love Particles.. she literally turns inside out and takes all With Her. This is her greatest Mystery..... This Tower Transformative Priestess is also the human She that has so many lives and lifetimes. She's right in front of you. The Scarlet Threads of her being trace back to the ancient future of our souls, to the place where the atoms unite. The sacred marriage is perhaps happening on a quantum level whilst the ebb and flow of a distorted matrix is integrated back into it's own waveform... She is here to remind us all:

We are Coming Home. Because, in Her, we already are.

To be continued... (part of a 8 year book in process!)

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14 Nov 2003 @ 09:39 by waalstraat : Wow!
I have to read that book. Thank you for affirming what I have know for a while now except I haven't put it in gender form, but I know from my own creative process,my most creative actions,moments, and productions were not the results of any linear thoughts or actions but were like quantum leaps that bubble out of a voluptious black hole as if born from a womb into a new birth or rebirth. And that hole opens up for birthing between "I" and No-one there....  

17 Feb 2006 @ 17:41 by @ : The Female Disciple of "The Messiah"
A woman who is born of Jewish failings to encourage
(or give a good reason) to follow
commandments and is born of what was previously and genetically
viewed as "ritual impurity", yet born with the name "Katherine"
(meaning "pure") receives a re-birth, through ritual and spiritual or soul purification of confession and humility. The art of repentance, which was taught to her by this man:
has caused her perception of her self and outlook on the world to invert from its former position. The Sun's true nature revealed itself to her and she was stricken with so much awe, that when she began to attempt to put this realization to words, she began to frighten her teacher, so he had her sent away, where she was rapidly sent into a state of divine receptivity, to the degree of being made a vessel of the will and (respective) word of God. Upon this, two miracles were preformed. One, involving the door to the room in which she was confined to being moved open, repeatedly and the transmission of ecstatic rapture, to a nearby sleeping woman. Later, she was asked by another woman why she thought she was there, and answered, in a rude and sarcastic way "I am Jesus Christ Almighty", and immediately fell from grace upon speaking these "words of man".

Will she return?


21 Feb 2016 @ 10:40 by Bert @ : NozZfQgzBVW

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