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Wednesday, January 19, 2011day link 

 My New Blog - Behold the Bejewelled -
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The mythic life, re-jewelled; this is my new blog devoted to the notion of 'remembering mythic living' ...
"Wednesday, January 19, 2011

To Be Connected, or Not
At the end of the day, the Vision of an interconnected, meaningful and peaceful world sits paramount to the Dream of Childhood. If one grew up in a 'behaviorist' household where your psyche got shoved into the unconscious bag to conform to rewards/ punishments... the Western Banana split might have shoved that inherent Dream to the edges of your awareness quite young... but we all remember that Sense, that divine knowing all babes have... of the Heaven that is possible in the Now Here.... that sense wakes us up from the illusory dream of the maya-Maya world of separation, pain and betrayal of all our Hopes.

The Mythic Quest, therefore, is simply the awareness of the soul's journey to Restore the Meaning, and follow the invisible Signs that there is a Purpose to the journey.

Today the outside Maya has never looked so heartbreaking, so devastating, so ANTI-LIFE. So anti-Dreams, when is so much conspiracy to KILL all that is Possible on our planet... which truly could become Heaven, if we re-Membered the Wholeness... the Holiness that is possible when Grace restores our Vision."

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Friday, August 14, 2009day link 

 A New Blog?
I was hit with the profundity of this yesterday:

Often when I have 'ran away' from myself, my life or a version of my self or my life I wanted to run away from --- I became more courageous in the things I did, the places I went, the extremes I went to -- in order to run away. I never felt like I was running away, but rather running towards... but usually I was fleeing in some sense... so isn't that interesting? In a seemingly cowardice act --- one becomes more drastically heroic than ever imagined? The energy to run away from what one no longer wishes to BE... in my case, the energy I expelled to DISCARD that which I no longer identified with - allowed me to plunge fully into a new Self/ Life/ Adventure... and I therefore boldly went where very few would have dared to go 'with a plan'. This boho adventure has, in retrospect, defined me. And I think allowed me to realize I was indeed a hero in my own story. By default? Not totally. The crux was the impetus to 'create again'. No Matter What. I MUST... bla blah. It didn't matter what I focused on doing, it was harnessing the elements to literally LEAP. It was a taking off and literally a charging forth.

I suggest everyone live their lives as if the audience is watching. Because it is.

(BTW, in as much as I love the space the old Scarlet Jewels blog holds, but am considering launching a new blog with a new vibe... solely focusing on what it means to live the Mythic Life. Sub-themes include the Synchronicity Thread, as well as the Divine Imagination.... I am not sure...)

For now/ For Today -- I will put the ideas here in this new category.
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