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Wednesday, January 19, 2011day link 

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The mythic life, re-jewelled; this is my new blog devoted to the notion of 'remembering mythic living' ...
"Wednesday, January 19, 2011

To Be Connected, or Not
At the end of the day, the Vision of an interconnected, meaningful and peaceful world sits paramount to the Dream of Childhood. If one grew up in a 'behaviorist' household where your psyche got shoved into the unconscious bag to conform to rewards/ punishments... the Western Banana split might have shoved that inherent Dream to the edges of your awareness quite young... but we all remember that Sense, that divine knowing all babes have... of the Heaven that is possible in the Now Here.... that sense wakes us up from the illusory dream of the maya-Maya world of separation, pain and betrayal of all our Hopes.

The Mythic Quest, therefore, is simply the awareness of the soul's journey to Restore the Meaning, and follow the invisible Signs that there is a Purpose to the journey.

Today the outside Maya has never looked so heartbreaking, so devastating, so ANTI-LIFE. So anti-Dreams, when is so much conspiracy to KILL all that is Possible on our planet... which truly could become Heaven, if we re-Membered the Wholeness... the Holiness that is possible when Grace restores our Vision."

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