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Friday, August 14, 2009day link 

 A New Blog?
I was hit with the profundity of this yesterday:

Often when I have 'ran away' from myself, my life or a version of my self or my life I wanted to run away from --- I became more courageous in the things I did, the places I went, the extremes I went to -- in order to run away. I never felt like I was running away, but rather running towards... but usually I was fleeing in some sense... so isn't that interesting? In a seemingly cowardice act --- one becomes more drastically heroic than ever imagined? The energy to run away from what one no longer wishes to BE... in my case, the energy I expelled to DISCARD that which I no longer identified with - allowed me to plunge fully into a new Self/ Life/ Adventure... and I therefore boldly went where very few would have dared to go 'with a plan'. This boho adventure has, in retrospect, defined me. And I think allowed me to realize I was indeed a hero in my own story. By default? Not totally. The crux was the impetus to 'create again'. No Matter What. I MUST... bla blah. It didn't matter what I focused on doing, it was harnessing the elements to literally LEAP. It was a taking off and literally a charging forth.

I suggest everyone live their lives as if the audience is watching. Because it is.

(BTW, in as much as I love the space the old Scarlet Jewels blog holds, but am considering launching a new blog with a new vibe... solely focusing on what it means to live the Mythic Life. Sub-themes include the Synchronicity Thread, as well as the Divine Imagination.... I am not sure...)

For now/ For Today -- I will put the ideas here in this new category.
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