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Thursday, October 9, 2008day link 

 Wag the Dog 3
picture OK, I figured it out. The 'October Surprise' will be the GOP creating the ultimate spin! Claiming Obama is linked to voter fraud rather than the extraordinary surplus of hard-core evidence that the GOP stole Ohio in 2004. See Wasserman links 2 days ago! So Acorn is SUPPOSE to turn in what they think is fraud and indicate that they DO think it's fraud. The CNN report about the Jimmy John's false form is part of a set-up and it makes me think CNN is in on this newest production of 'wag the dog!' So don't believe CNN is really touting Obama. It's a set up!
10/2/08: Northwest Indiana Times files a report headlined "County rejects large number of invalid voter registrations". The article reports on a news conference held by the Lake County, IN Republican Party chairman, John Curley, who claims "fraudulent applications are the workings of ACORN groups operating from Milwaukee and Chicago who are getting out the vote for Obama." Curley, notes "one registration form was filled out in the name and address of Jimmy John's, a Crown Point fast-food outlet," and other problem registration forms. He says that county election officials were able to "weed out obviously invalid applications," but neither the reporter, nor apparently Curley, bother to note that ACORN had already informed the officials about the questionable "Jimmy John's" registration when they turned it in, along with the other separately flagged registration forms.

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 Preventing Poll Fraud - Important Links!
I've been listening to KPFK a lot these last 2 weeks. They have a new gen. manager and Pacifica is actually getting some very serious top-notch poli-sci professors from big names like HARVARD! Yeah!

So here's the most important issues I can share.

*Harry Wasserman and the Ohio vote fraud

* Rock the Vote{

* {
- the way democracy WILL be!

* Brennan Center for Justice

*Free Press Reform Media

* 'Old John' by Harold Meyerson - clear concise assessment, with good follow-up comments on the debate.

* Just something I found from last summer on MSNBC - McCain's 'bad jokes' [link]

* seems to have a key for wealth and health - grown in purified air, and the product with honey should cure allergies and keep our kids alert and supported for optimum resiliency in these accelerated times!

I will post more later today - please pass these links along!
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