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 Preventing Poll Fraud - Important Links!2 comments
2008-10-09 07:56, by Julie Solheim-Roe

I've been listening to KPFK a lot these last 2 weeks. They have a new gen. manager and Pacifica is actually getting some very serious top-notch poli-sci professors from big names like HARVARD! Yeah!

So here's the most important issues I can share.

*Harry Wasserman and the Ohio vote fraud

* Rock the Vote{

* {
- the way democracy WILL be!

* Brennan Center for Justice

*Free Press Reform Media

* 'Old John' by Harold Meyerson - clear concise assessment, with good follow-up comments on the debate.

* Just something I found from last summer on MSNBC - McCain's 'bad jokes' [link]

* seems to have a key for wealth and health - grown in purified air, and the product with honey should cure allergies and keep our kids alert and supported for optimum resiliency in these accelerated times!

I will post more later today - please pass these links along!

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