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Friday, November 14, 2003day link 

 Madgala Notes
picture I have a drawer full of my research on this subject, but when brothers like Ming and the rest of them... start commenting about the Jesus/ Mary potential marriage and all the prime-time attention the research behind The Da Vinci Code... and the 'truth' about the Holy Graal... it makes me stop and want to add to the Great Conversation, on only a few points. Some of this I commented already on Ming's blog.

There are many stories and realities about The Magda, Tower, Strength, Source, Vine, Cup, Lines... of the Priestly divination of 'Jesus'... who indeed Innitiated the 'Christos' (the one who is annointed by the Priestess/ (Sacred) Prostitute... They are lead us back to Her of All Bodies, who can actually HEAL the wounds, the world, the 'sins' and the 'perversity' out of even those who want to kill and fuck her... and indeed, isn't that what we have come to, on the most base level? The Bush/ Blair/ Corporate Greed Empire... has come to this level of hypocrosy...

All the bodies of Her, the Sophia Dark Matter Mysterious Principal of dark streams and deep holy earthe... the fragrance and flowers of certain power spots on Earth, the ones on the old pilgrim grids in Gaul, Britania and Brittany.. . All her bodies have been made to heal all fragments that seek her and crave her offerings, her annointments, her Initiations. She is the One who opens and is not afraid of your wounds, wars and wantings... for she takes it all into her folds, into her bodies, into her deep star nebula centres... and the Gnosis is beheld by those who truly Seek Her.
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