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Thursday, August 21, 2003day link 

 Sekhmet and Babalon
picture I love it when my blog comes up in searches like sacred whore scarlet woman that someone was doing in Yahoo the other day! Especially when it gives me tons of references for my own research.

This is from Sekhmet's Own, notes on:
"...the coorespondence between Sekhmet and BABALON (in the Apocalypse of St. John it's Babylon, but for reasons I won't go into right now, I prefer the BABALON spelling).

If you have read that book, then you'll know that John's contact didn't quite have a "Nice" opinion of Her or what she represented. I have my ideas on them, but they are not for this list, at this time at anyrate. The following is an excerpt taken from Robert Master's book:

"There are some important passages dealing with the very great antiquity of Sekhmet in human religions to be found in the monumental work on ancient Egypt written by Gerald Massey, 19th century scholar and trance visionary. Massey identifies Sekhmet as The Great Mother, Mother of Mystery, later denounced in the Book of Revelations as The Great Harlot:

(In Revelation, the mother of mystery is called "Babylon the Great, the mother of harlots and of abominations of the earth," who has the name of mystery written on her forehead (Rev:17:5). But there was an earlier Babylon in Egypt, known to the secret wisdom, which is traditionally identified with the locality of Coptos, nominally the seat of Kep, the Kamite mother of mysteries. The mother of mystery did not originate with the scarlet woman of Babylon (nor as the red hag of the Protestants), although the title of The Great Harlot was applied to her also, who was the mother of harlots and to whom the maiden-tributes were religiously furnished in the city. Hers is a figure of unknown antiquity in the astronomical mythology, which was constellated as the red hippopotamus the preceded The Great Bear. The red hippopotamus (Apt) had already become the scarlet lady in the Ritual. Hence, the Great Mother, as Sekhmet-Bast, who is higher than all the gods, and is the only one who stands above her father, is called The Lady of the Scarlet-Coloured Garment(Rit., ch. 164, Naville). The Kamite Constellation of "the birthplace" may also serve to show why the "great harlot" should have been so badly abused in the Book of Revelation. The creator of the Great Mother was depicted in the sign of the meshen to indicate the place of bringing forth by the cow of heaven whose "thigh" is the emblem of great magical power in the hieroglyphs. The mother of mystery also carries "in her hand a golden cup full of abominations, even the unclean things of her fornications" Gerald Massey, Ancient Egypt. Vol.2, Samuel Weiser, york beach, ME, 1970, p.698. This work was first published in 1907.

Well, there ya have some scholary references to what I was downloaded with at the age of about 9 or 10, but of course, it was in a "different manner".

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picture War of the sexes? Or no real men? A close friend and neighbour showed up on my doorstep last night telling me about her husband who has issues of control over possessions and money. She is doubly more educated but has two very very small children. He holds a 17th century idea of traditional marriage and somehow thinks she should be content with that. He didn't appreciate her not 'being grateful' of their marriage so in the end decided to slam her about -- yes, physically I mean. She had a band-aid on her foot to prove it. Where has my sense of self gone? She mused... and I wonder. I knew about it, as I felt that way after I had my now-two year old. One of my life's work is about healing thru all the elements, through the personal love and pure raw vortex energies that the womb holds... but I digress. Twenty years ago in Glastonbury there was a woman's riot (or so I am told) and a bunch of them started having women's meetings, and then most of them ended up leaving their husbands. From some points of view this wasn't such a good thing in the end. Here we are, more than a generation later, and I see this Amazon energy being held back in several of my peers who have small children. I don't think it's conscious, but there are so many parallel themes about old-world thinkings in Western men about what is failure and success... the Inner Critic that is not one I relate to. For me and many women, Life is a journey, the Great Mystery. I have judgment about the way men are treating women I love. Is this all about Mars? I don't know, but something strange is in the air. Universes seem sliding away and for some reason I feel calm in the storm. I find myself giving advice I feel is 'right' and when I hear myself, I realize I need to take my own. Love is all you need. But true love has to do with courage, wisdom and transparency. Be ye like Children. But not like Angels, as in Philip Pullman's trilogy -- for Angels War. Will Mars walk away quietly or will this balancing of the energies continue to hone us closer and closer to Who We Really Are? Getting back to this Imagineering Concept that Ming and I and our whirling creative shared universes seem to be rethreading, is that we can use any set of philosophies to prove our quantive point. I walk in many worlds and seem to 'see' some basic meanness being justified by men who are not, in fact, being supportive or loving to women who have loved them. This, indeed, feels like war. It doesn't feel like mad insane war. It actually feels like tactical differences. Like, let's make a stand. Lovers unite. The 'spade is spade' story. Don't use flowers and steal the very language you learnt from us, to justify complete cop-outs. One such 'man' used one of the longest compilations of quotes I have ever seen, to try to get to his shared 'audience' with a woman he has very ungracefully broken up with. Why don't we get real here? What -are- we imagining? This is not lunacy, but marsacy. I am sick and disappointed, but again, I have never felt more calm about my own 'truth'. It's not opinion, intuition, instincts, gossip or loose ideas. It's based on experience and in some strange sense, gnosis. This morning I phoned the Somerset police and got the facts about what my local friend should do next time he threatens or hurts her physically. Here we can get practical. With other more insidious abuses, where the split-collective mythos of Her sons whom still wage war on their mothers', projecting her as their lovers they shun and 'divide and conquer'... well, what can I say? I think I've said it.
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