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picture 2003-11-18 15:57, by Julie Solheim-Roe

Tecia sites new research that America's intellegence isn't so gung ho as the Bush regime would have us believe... and I think of darling Ron Kovic, the beautiful man that Tom Cruise tried hard to copy in that Ron Howard Film... I knew Ron Kovic in my Hermosa Beach days... And of course was pleased to last night catch his voice on Radio 4 -- telling us how times have changes since Vietnam protests.. and that other darhlinhg London Mayer Ken Linvingston actually invited the peace activists to a reception at town hall -- and proclaimed that BUSH is NOT welcome there! Here's what I could find on this:
"George Bush is visiting Britain between the 19th and 21st November. During his stay he will be staying at the taxpayers expense at Buckingham Palace as a guest of the Queen. This is rather fitting; one un-elected head of state will be playing host to another!

During the rally at Trafalgar Square on 27th September, Ken Livingston promised that City Hall would not welcome the President of the USA. Instead London's Mayor will host an event for peace movement.

The Stop the War Coalition is planning protests for each day of Bush's stay. By the time this goes to press plans and publicity for these events will be available, see the Stop the War website or come and speak to members of the Kingston Peace Council outside the Bentalls Centre on Thursday betwe en 6 and 7pm for details!"

Bravo! I am very inspired! And Here's what EXPATS AGAINST BUSH's wonderful BLOG has to say on the matter:
"It might prove interesting in time that Blair felt the need to reassure us that it is our democratic right to protest. There has been a lot of chatter about the US security services wanting to fence off large swathes of central London for Bush's visit, and implement the same "protest quarantine" they've used whenever Bush has gone out in America. It seems our Mayor Ken Livingston is on the opposite side, insisting to the Metropolitan police "The view was expressed that a legitimate protest must be facilitated." Blair has been caught in the middle, and interestingly it looks as though he is edging towards Ken's position. Could this be a sign of Blair's aggravation at the Bush team's demands? Time will tell..."

Seems someone wanted to find info on The Faerie Queen and Peace in Google -- and low and behold Me Scarlet Pages come in second! Wow! How cool is that? So I thought to see what other ideas could be found on this issue... Discovered a sweet poem here.. and an interview with Her Majesty which I can't quite make out! ... So I am thinking about not clicking on page 2. Maybe my piece after all is the only 'peace' rant one might find to acknowledge the Fae Queen who is the banished and hidden holy earthe... always there and yet far away from our false prisms of comfort... I turn and notice as well all Letecia's great recent blog threads... and herein the Magdalene theme I wrote about last week, she shows up in the New Scientist article about Red ochre Cave symbols in Israel showing possible 'culture' 90,000 years ago! The deep hidden earth, holy dark black and crimson...

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