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 FOX TV tonight - 12:15 AM EDT7 comments
2003-04-30 09:23, by Julie Solheim-Roe

Black Flag shows that a chap named John Kaminski will be interviewed on Fox TV tonight about an article he wrote claiming fraud in the reported events of 9/11.

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30 Apr 2003 @ 10:14 by jazzolog : Kaminski
I received an email this morning from Carol Adler, his publisher, that said his appearance has been cancelled. His Rense article on 9/11 is here .

The complete message follows~~~



Dear e-mail friend,

From the bottom my heart, thank you for all those wonderful messages of encouragement.

After studying 9/11 stuff and reading all your great e-mails this morning, I just woke up from a monster afternoon nap -- in order to be fresher at midnight -- and there's a message on my phone from Fox News producer Jon Constantino.

"Uh, sorry to tell you, John, but we've decided to have you on another night. We'll call you to tell you when it is."

Those bastards. I should've known better. They can't play straight with anyone. This is the second time they've done this to me.

What I will say when and if they call back I do not know. I feel strongly that the public needs to be talking more about this, and that 9/11 is the key to beginning a genuine reform of the American political system. If this does not happen, I feel we will slide further into a police-state situation, and our Constitutional rights, which already have been severely diminished, will disappear altogether.

So... this is what I wanted to say to those Fox shills, and what I want you to be saying to those people you know who are at least willing to talk about what happened then, and what is happening now.

There is no doubt that the horrible attacks of September 11, 2001 were allowed to happen by the highest levels of the American government.

Numerous intelligence reports prior to the tragedy were available to the government, and the government failed to act on them. Worse, top government officials lied after 9/11 and said they had no idea this type of attack was possible, flying in the face of ten years of intelligence which indicated that terror groups had planned to use airplanes as weapons of destruction.

This is the one irrefutable fact you should use in your arguments with other people: the 9/11 attacks could not have happened without the catastrophic failure of America's air defenses. And yet, the people in charge of those air defenses who allowed these attacks to happen were not censured or prosecuted after the tragedy, they were promoted (and I am speaking primarily of Gen. Myers).

Now, beyond allowing the tragedy to happen, the question becomes did the highest levels of the American government PLAN for the event to happen? There is every reason to believe that they did, although this assertion is not ironclad, because so much of the evidence has been covered up.

What looms most suspiciously after 9/11 are the rigged passage of the Patriot Act, which took away most of our Constitutional rights, and the cynical invasion of Afghanistan, which was claimed to be a response to 9/11 even though it was planned long before 9/11.

The Patriot Act was passed, according to Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas), without even being read by most members of Congress. (This is clearly an act of treason, and was committed by most members of Congress. Destroying the Constitutional provisions that make America what it is probably is the greatest crime in American history, although there are a lot of nominees in this category all happening under the administration of George W. Bush.)

The president and his minions all made it clear that the invasion of Afghanistan was for the purpose of apprehending the terrorist Osama bin Laden, who was blamed for the 9/11 attacks (although to this day, not a shred of evidence that could be used in a court of law has been released to the public).

However, it is clear from numerous documents that the invasion of Afghanistan was planned long before 9/11, so for the Bush administration to claim 9/11 was the reason for the attack is a lie on its face.

Besides, Pakistan offered to hand over bin Laden for trial in a neutral country, and the U.S. refused the offer. Gen. Tommy Franks went so far as to state that apprehending bin Laden would not stop the war, nor was his apprehension its purpose (Ahmed, The War on Freedom).

Subsequent events such as the anthrax attacks (and its trail of evidence that led straight to the door of the government) and the tragic U.S. invasion of Iraq (the major reasons for which are now known to be pathetically obvious lies) amply illustrate a clear pattern of lying by the Bush administration.

It is imperative that the American people analyze the events and statements by Bush and his cronies about 9/11 in the context of subsequent actions; that is to say, if they're lying about everything else, chances are excellent they're lying about 9/11.

And all this is to say nothing about the evidence concerning 9/11 itself:

**Why did the president continue to read a story to schoolchildren after he knew that TWO World Trade Center towers had been hit by hijacked airliners? As many have noted, this behavior clearly reveals Bush was covering up his foreknowledge of the attacks. That he has provided three different explanations of his behavior is simply more evidence.

**Any idiot realizes the hole in the Pentagon was not made by a jumbo jet -- it's just not big enough, there was no aircraft debris at the point of contact, and there were no marks on the building that would have been made by the wings. In addition, there is existing film of the impact in which no trace of a jetliner appears.

**This is really the big one. How could top officials, immediately after the tragedy, say American intelligence had no clue that hijackers would fly planes into buildings and then two days later release the names of the hijackers? This is a clear lie, repeated by almost everyone in the power structure. How could they know the names of the hijackers if they weren't following them and knowing what they were supposedly going to do? The whole story about the hijackers is a complete fabrication, conclusively revealing foreknowledge and casting doubt on the story that the hijackers even boarded the planes.

As most of you know, there are thousands of other facts that indicate both foreknowledge and conspiracy. This information is posted widely on the Internet. It is imperative that you seek out this information and disseminate it as widely as possible.

We are in a battle for freedom and we are losing it.

This is just a note right off the top of my head to say I'm sorry you didn't get to listen to me torch those fascists on Fox, and to say we need to redouble our efforts toward recruiting our neighbors and relatives to understand our point of view about this, or else our freedoms will continue to be taken away.

The criminals who have hijacked the American government and are intent on enslaving the entire world under corporate fascism will not stop unless we stop them.

Don't depend on TV or the newspapers. They're all in the pocket of the power elite, and work tirelessly to cover up and belittle those who are seeking the real story.

We may not avoid this confrontation, and there is no place in the world to hide. We must stand up for honesty and what we believe is right. And we must all take action now, before it is too late.

Be well. Be safe. More later.

Best wishes,
John Kaminski

WATCH FOR AMERICA’S AUTOPSY REPORT: THE INTERNET ESSAYS OF JOHN KAMINSKI, soon to be released by Dandelion Books and available at and Toll-free ordering (U.S. & Canada) 1-800-861-7899.

30 Apr 2003 @ 12:54 by catana : Fox?
Maybe he should be grateful. Appearing on Fox may be the best way to ruin your credibility. And if Fox is the only one willing to give him air play, that might be cause to question it right off the bat. Of course, given our courageous and investigative media...  

30 Apr 2003 @ 13:01 by martha : yes catana
I agree on your foxy opinion.  

30 Apr 2003 @ 13:33 by sharie : Protesters Murdered in Iraq
In a related story...  

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