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2003-04-30 09:05, by Julie Solheim-Roe

The Daily Mirror reported yesterday that British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw admits IRAQ MAY NOT HAVE WMDs:
He told the Commons that war was declared because the regime had ONCE been in possession of them.

And he insisted they did not have to be found to justify the invasion.

His astonishing U-turn stunned MPs on all sides of the Commons - and came hours after Tony Blair again insisted that weapons were there and would be found.

...Labour MP Tam Dalyell, the Father of the House, accused the Government of hoodwinking the nation.

He said: "We were told again and again the reason for going to war was that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and that they could be used within 45 minutes.

"Now it's clear that the Iraqis have had no weapons for some time and that Parliament was given a completely false impression.""
The article also sites a UK investigation into the recent parading of looters naked down a street by US military -- which Amnesty International declared "an "appalling" violation of international conventions on the treatment of prisoners."

Meanwhile, The Times Online reports Putin taunts Blair: Is Saddam sitting in a bunker ready to blow the whole place up with WMD? -
"President Putin scuppered Tony Blairís efforts to repair Anglo-Russian relations after the Iraq war by challenging him and President Bush to uncover weapons of mass destruction to justify the conflict.

The Prime Minister suffered a second blow from the anti-war axis when France and Germany backed plans for a European defence force independent of Nato. "
Great! Links back to the idea of making the Euro stronger, and creating a counter-power to the U.S.!

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