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picture 2003-03-19 17:03, by Julie Solheim-Roe

BBC Headlines

E-cyclopedia's words of war
The words used during war can have special significance - who can forget the classic "collateral damage" from the first Gulf War? E-cyclopedia will be keeping an eye out for the words being used in this conflict, and what they actually mean.
Iraqi TV derides 'Bush the idiot' :
"The idiocy of this little man does not stop at making fabrications and feigning concern for the destiny of mankind, as though he were the absolute custodian of humanity, while his intent is to bring killing, destruction and death to humanity.
Babylon, Troy and Baghdad

Tecia forwarded a timely letter from Vickie Noble today, who talks about the Deep Knowing that this 'karma' must play out:
On this Full Moon evening (Pisces Sun, Virgo Moon--the "service" signs) I am feeling so much. A few of you have written recently and asked what I am feeling as we move toward war (or more precisely, what are my thoughts!) and this is such a hard question to answer. Of course I feel outrage and a deep sense of disbelief, all this on the surface potentially ready to explode into judgment and anger. But more deeply I have felt, and continue to feel, a deep sense of calm sadness over the inevitability of events, the "ripening of karma" as the Buddhists put it. After all, our government was not elected in the first place, and we didn't stop them, so it's hardly surprising that they are acting in ways that are not congruent with our interests. There is something much larger at work here.

One way to view it is through astrology, which shows a scenario more complex than the simple-minded events unfolding in the external daily reality. The chart of George Bush and the chart of Saddam Hussein are interlocking, along with the charts of the U.S. and Iraq. The transits to those charts are targeted in ways that seem almost supernatural, certainly fateful, and cause one to pause and reflect on destiny (both individual and collective), the ripening of karma, and the deeper reincarnational structure that holds us all in place.
And then she goes on to talk about how there is ultimately no 'us' vs 'them' and the ideas of non-duality. To me, life is complex and full of contradictions paradoxes and yes even opposites. But the Fates, the destina... I am not resonating right now with the idea that 'we are all one'. On the transpersonal, I understand this concept. AND, even go into a prayer/ meditative state on this in Holy Moments throughout the course of daily life. On this earth, right here and in this time/space dimension-- there are those who are choosing to spin, to lie, to cheat -- at the expense of our planet and all it's inhabitants.. and at the expense of children in Iraq. As the Pope put it:
The Vatican says anyone who gives up on peace will answer to God. For weeks, the Vatican has repeatedly spoken out against the possibility of war in Iraq. Pope John Paul says the use of force is a last resort and should only be considered after all peaceful means are exhausted.

The Vatican's short response to President Bush's ultimatum for Saddam Hussein says anyone who believes peace is exhausted "assumes a grave responsibility before God, his own conscience and history."
I would agree with that. One thing I have gotten a good homeopathic dose of, as stated in older entries about the right wing radio stations I listen to when driving in the Cachella Valley, to work... is the idea of practicality. I really appreciated the piece I posted yesterday, that actually evaluates something using logic. Philosophically we need to look at the broader issues at stake. Like my questions earlier about what MLKing, Jr. would be doing right now. I think he would indeed call to the brotherhood in all those involved. But also demand that logical ethics be adhered to, and that deceit doesn't continue to be the status quo's order of the day.

When I listened to Bush's speech the other night, detailing out how this indeed is the last straw, and how holy and ethical he is/ we are.. I marveled at the brilliance, how the SPIN can so easily convince those who don't listen to underground or global news, how much this can make pragmatic sense in the box of AmerikaThought. I remember learning about this kind of spin and the whole new birth of it with Nixon's Checker's Speech--about his dog rather than about his lies. Today, we've taken it to another level.

I started this blog this morning and I keep thinking about what Noble said, about the esoteric links between America and Babylon (outside of Baghdad). I just did a search on it and found:

A good short one called
Rivers of Babylon by Kurt Vonnegut:
George W. Bush, with his no-frills education, may believe that God or Moses, or some other sacred advisor, gave us this as a commandment: "An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth."

It was in fact the Babylonian king Hammurabi who said it first. And he wasn't urging his own people to be more ferocious, more bloodthirsty. He was trying to make them less so. He was saying, in effect, that if you must seek revenge, you are entitled to this much of it, and not one bit more. Otherwise, you will create more people entitled to closure, until everybody in Babylonia is going to be seeking closure, and our once great country will go down the toilet of history.

Which it did.

And I thank you for your attention.
Insights from Troy -- 'the very first world war between Europe and Asia -- wonderful parallels between the hawks and doves of now and then. Is this the same play?
'But the Trojans dismissed the warnings as "windy nonsense" and sealed their fate. We Americans are the Greeks of our day, and as we now go to war, we should appreciate not only the beauty of the tale, but also the warnings within it.'
And here's some interesting insights from the Christian theologians why 'Babylon will be rebuilt' and some interesting correlations to now...

There must be some significance about the whole world still returning to 'the fertile crescent', the heart of Mesopotamia.

And what's the deal with all the Babylon artifacts that went missing in 'Desert Storm'? .... Letecia had an interesting post last week about The Oldest Human History At Risk by this war... and immediately following that article, check out the ceremony invoking Inanna:
Many people in the world today are concerned about the current situation in Mesopotamia, specifically, the threat of war between the United States and Iraq. This is holy ground, home of one of the most ancient and venerable civilizations on Earth. A major war in this region would be a great tragedy not only for the people of region, but for all peoples everywhere. We wish to pray for peace by appealing to the oldest Goddess known from anywhere in the world, Inanna. She was worshipped thousands of years ago by the direct ancestors of the present-day Iraqi peoples. She was called Inanna when the region was known as Sumer, Ishtar, Astarte, Aphrodite, and Virgin Mary by later civilizations.
I will finish my madness with a worthy comments on my Wonderland post yesterday, from NCN member Francis Dujardin:
"Those who can make you believe absurdities
can make you commit atrocities."

(Or something like that.)

Voltaire always found himself at odds with the feudal aristocracy of his times. He died on the eve of the French Revolution, which his writings had done much to bring about. I sometimes wonder what he would think of our world were he alive today. But, in some ways, he still lives, doesn't he?

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