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picture2003-01-01 20:49, by Julie Solheim-Roe

New Years Resolution Two Hundred Twenty Third: "Clean out interesting articles and post to my new Blog"! (hehe) Here's one that came out last summer.. any Philip Pullman fans out there?

Studies Suggest Unknown Form of Matter Exists - (New York Times - July 31, 2002)

"Painstaking observations of a kind of subatomic dance suggest that the universe may contain a shadowy form of matter that has never been seen directly and is unexplained by standard physics theories, a team of scientists announced yesterday. The studies appear to confirm similar findings the scientists reported last year. The research involves muons, rare subatomic particles similar to electrons but 207 times as heavy."

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2 Jan 2003 @ 12:40 by istvan : I can safely assert,
that there are a lot more things in the Universe, as well as within our souls that we are not yet aware of.
Let's keep searching.  

2 Jan 2003 @ 23:44 by strydg : "Studies....."
yunno, I had a feeling those muons were having a sub-atomic dance. and right under our noses, too. thank god for that team of scientists.  

10 Mar 2016 @ 17:27 by Ricky @ : kqoJhdZMui

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