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picture2002-12-21 12:39, by Julie Solheim-Roe

Yesterday Ming's blurb on 'Living Systems, Holons in Holarchies' speaks of 'evolutionary biologist' Elisabet Sahtouris's notions of:

"A biology that sees all nature as co-evolving holons (living entities) in holarchies (interdependent embeddedness) will quickly reveal much about humanity itself as one such holon - containing its own holarchy of individuals, families, organizations, communities, nations and world. Through this understanding of ourselves, we will gain profound insights on where we succeed and where we fail as a living system." --Biology Revisioned

Speaking of embeddedness as a noun, springs ot mind my old chum Dan Winter... where art thou, my friend but thrown across the pond due to strange people claiming to own the very symbolic pictures of this embeddedness from which we all arise? I know that the Implosion Group in Holland have the dignity to recognize this Work is beyond boundaries...

In a nutshell, in a kernel, in a seed, in the very Heart of it all, Dan's mathematical graphical animation work shows us that indeed the inside is in the outside... that -only- through embedding ourselves into the whole system from which we -are- can we retain memory throughout time and space. This is gnosis, self-knowledge. To be one's nature, to fall out and inside of one's self, as she expands out into the known galaxies and beyond, can we actually be found. Dan used to say, it's when the 'map becomes the terrain'.....

In my own work I see this as recognizing, remembering what seems to flow and respond to the myriad of mythos that we live out, where indeed the synchronicities flow exponentially. And, even when they do not -- to recognize when perhaps they are fine tuning the embeddedness of how we integrate into all the holarchies in which we truly are having our livingness in.

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