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picture2002-12-29 13:34, by Julie Solheim-Roe

I had to grab this wonderful 'Daily Mirror' cover that Flemming had in his Blog yesterday... when referring to the launch of a new website, Go there and sign up as a 'weapons inspector'.

Yes, let's really look into what 'we' American cowboys have stock-piled for the last 50 years! What IS underground, in The Four Corner States? California? Washington D.C.? How about full disclosure of all our alterior motives? Where did Amthrax come from--a biological engineer in the US, eh? I saw a (BBC, I think) documentary about it last year in the UK -- There was this top investigator, handwriting expert and he was able to narrow it down to what laboratory it was created in, in the US! It was the same expert who helped find the 'Unibomber'. In the end, he got so close to unlocking the case, that he admitted it seemed like 'someone' from high up had put a stop to his investigation in the end. Another Oly North? Lee Harvey Oswald? ....

Also, I appreciated Flemming bringing to my attention this fascinating list Who sold what to Iraq, as contained in the Iraqi arms declaration, brought to you by Andreas Zumach of Die Tageszeitung:

Who sold what weapons technology to Iraq
1. Honeywell (rockets, chemical)
2. Spectra Physics (chemical)
3. Semetex (rockets)
4. TI Coating (atomic, chemical)
5. Unisys (atomic, chemical)
6. Sperry Corp. (rockets, chemical)
7. Tektronix (rockets, atomic)
8. Rockwell (chemical)
9. Leybold Vacuum Systems (atomic)
10. Finnigan-MAT-US (atomic)
11. Hewlett-Packard (atomic, rockets, chemical)
12. Dupont (atomic)
13. Eastman Kodak (rockets)
14. American Type Culture Collection (biological)
15. Alcolac International (chemical)
16. Consarc (atomic)
17. Carl Zeiss - U.S (chemical)
18. Cerberus (LTD) (atomic)
19. Electronic Associates (rockets)
20. International Computer Systems (atomic, rockets, chemical)
21. Bechtel (chemical)
22. EZ Logic Data Systems, Inc. (rockets)
23. Canberra Industries Inc. (atomic)
24. Axel Electronics Inc. (atomic)

1. Euromac Ltd-Uk (atomic)
2. C. Plath-Nuclear (atomic)
3. Endshire Export Marketing (atomic)
4. International Computer Systems (atomic, rockets, chemical)
5. MEED International (atomic, chemical)
6. Walter Somers Ltd. (rockets)
7. International Computer Limited (atomic, chemical)
8. Matrix Churchill Corp. (atomic)
9. Ali Ashour Daghir (atomic)
10. International Military Services (rockets) (owned by the British Ministry of Defence)
11. Sheffield Forgemasters (rockets)
12. Technology Development Group (rockets)
13. International Signal and Control (rockets)
14. Terex Corporation (rockets)
15. Inwako (atomic)
16. TMG Engineering (chemical)
17. XYY Options, Inc (atomic)

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29 Dec 2002 @ 23:48 by vaxen : Yup...
Thanks jewell. Glad you're here. You probably know the fate of this worlds' empires eh? Where is "Veni, Vidi, Vici," now? I'm happy to have had the opportunity to join this Canadian group, as well. Let's hope we can do some good eh? ;)  

11 Jan 2003 @ 22:35 by arte : Rooting Out Evil
I happened upon that site a couple of nights ago and signed on - I'm an American who couldn't agree more with what they're saying. The arrogance of the current US administration is embarrasing and dangerous! But I am encouraged by the thousands who are speaking out against them - including at least 34 American city councils as of 1/10/03.
Please people, speak out against the shrub's plans for war!
Choose Peace Now!

5 Jan 2016 @ 09:35 by bao ngan @ : bao

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21 Feb 2016 @ 10:18 by Vicky @ : yWKQQjFahbKQI

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