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Friday, August 21, 2009day link 

 The Cove
picture Their own version of 'Oceans 11' and it was better than - and more so!

I have just signed the letter to Obama and Biden with these comments:
I just watched The Cove in West LA. I am disgusted with the farcical IWC's nonsense, and Japan's nonsense science and cartel with impoverished nations – trying to legalize whaling including small cetaceans! This is ‘empire consciousness’ with NO REGARD for conscious and intelligent life. This entire coup is so corrupt – I think the IWC needs to be investigated and something must be done to protect our dying oceans! The mercury poisoning and the devastation to our marine life is unconscionable!!!

This is a must-see film. It is not OTT with graphics and only the last 5 minutes shows what their 'Mission Impossible' coup uncovered. It doesn't pull on your heart strings to a place where one cannot discern and consider the story and the important information.

I think those men (and woman) are the sexiest bravest men alive - and what a beautiful soul that woman diver had!

Empire consciousness has created this massive cover-up in Japan. However if we had hidden rocks and cameras in our own empire, who knows what we would uncover also? It's not that Japan isn't trying to be the next Empire just like we did after the Europeans.. but it's the cartel they have created with the IWC, International Whaling Commission. Really dispicable... Japan buying countries into joining the IWC. Countries that have been literally manipulated into Japan's nonsense science -- actually trying to say cetaceans are the reason the food crisis, ocean fish crisis is so severe! The reason is the Japanese cartel on the world wide fish markets. In 40 years, or less, it will be gone. 70% of all humans get their primary source of income from fish from the seas. New commissions and new visionairies are required to EXPOSE these horors -- but also to create a less corrupt mandate, governed by science and thorough investigation by environmental groups. It is very powerful the man who trained 'flipper' is the biggest activist in this film. I am inspired. DEEPLY INSPIRED. Bravo to these renegade film makers! GO SEE THIS FILM! ONE OF THE BEST EVER MADE SINCE SCHINDLER'S LIST BUT WAY EASIER TO WATCH!

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