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Thursday, March 12, 2009day link 

 Legions of Light in Stealth Mode
picture I've been contemplating the following as of late:

1. The Lesson of Wall*E: The reason the world's productivity machine that has fed industrialised capitalism has come to a crashing halt in the last quarter is VERY GOOD NEWS! This means, children, that our world will not become like Wall*E. Doesn't that make sense? Simple Simon, right?

So let's plant some seeds!

2. NewAge 101 (ie 'The Secret', Louise Hay, Eckhard Toile, etc) ..... First Step. One needs to detox her 'ego' , and get out of her 'mind'.

Then one aligns with their Self, Heart, Joy, Love, Truth, Authenticity, and one's Humanity....

Generally this is ONLY the first step. This doesn't mean the ego is bad or the mind is bad. This means when that part of one is running the show, running one's personal life, also running the planet, running the schools, running the institutions, running the societies... then we are in big trouble! (Like Now!)

3. But, that is only a perception.

"A Miracle is a CHANGE in Perception" !!!

So, the idea is that one re-members (like Humpty Dumpty) who she is.

We put ourselves back together again!

That's the game.

4. Therefore - there is no 'other' and no one 'out there' that can fix it for us.

No real messiah in the objective sense (ie Obama)....

But we manifest perhaps a symbolic 'unifier' who is radiating at the pulse of the collective's desires.

Today in the Aquarian Age - this means a transpersonal more collective spirit of cooperation and brotherhood/ sisterhood with our fellow humanity.

There is no issue that is not connected to our lives.

Therein is the idea of Self Sustainability.

5. Going back to point 2 - the ego and the mind are not bad.

New Agers get a grip.

We need an enlightened mind and a healthy ego/ persona. That's what makes this fun.

Aligned with the Heart, the Kundalini, The Shakti, the Spark of Imagination, Insipiration and Creative Force.

The Spirit comes through the electrical currents of our biological experience.

6. Oh yea, and

And the Universe is made of Magic.

So righteous ones, please stop hating Disney.

Get on the only ship that is here.

All you ever learned in life you learned in Kindergarden (that's why I left the UK - they try to skip that part!)

7. What Does Heaven on Earth Look Like?

We're in this together. Let's find a way to embody who we Really Are.

And let it always begin, with ME!

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