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Wednesday, October 22, 2008day link 

 Robert F. Kennedy Jr & Greg Palast on BLOCK THE VOTE
OK, if you aint gonna listen to me - would a young, educated Kennedy suffice?!!!

Kennedy and Palast have done good work.

The Rolling Stone video: [link]

Steal Back Your Vote movie coming soon to the internet - a forty minute Steal Back Your Vote! movie with interviews and reports not seen in the BBC Newsnight film. See the trailer here: [link]

Steal Back Your Vote Comic Book attached here:

Steal Back Your Vote facebook group: [link]

This is---to me---unbelievable that this has, and can, happen in the US. Kennedy (law professor and voting law expert) and Palast (journalist, filmmaker) are not crazy people, and their claims are not unsupported.

Please take the time to read this and forward it to as many people as you know.


URL: [link]

Block the Vote
Will the GOP's campaign to deter new voters and discard Democratic ballots determine the next president?


Posted Oct 30, 2008 11:10 AM

• Video: Behind the Story With Kennedy Jr. and Palast ([link])
"These days, the old west rail hub of Las Vegas, New Mexico, is little more than a dusty economic dead zone amid a boneyard of bare mesas. In national elections, the town overwhelmingly votes Democratic: More than 80 percent of all residents are Hispanic, and one in four lives below the poverty line. On February 5th, the day of the Super Tuesday caucus, a school-bus driver named Paul Maez arrived at his local polling station to cast his ballot. To his surprise, Maez found that his name had vanished from the list of registered voters, thanks to a statewide effort to deter fraudulent voting. For Maez, the shock was especially acute: He is the supervisor of elections in Las Vegas.

"Maez was not alone in being denied his right to vote. On Super Tuesday, one in nine Democrats who tried to cast ballots in New Mexico found their names missing from the registration lists. The numbers were even higher in precincts like Las Vegas, where nearly 20 percent of the county's voters were absent from the rolls. With their status in limbo, the voters were forced to cast "provisional" ballots, which can be reviewed and discarded by election officials without explanation. On Super Tuesday, more than half of all provisional ballots cast were thrown out statewide."

read the rest by clicking MORE below

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 Joe The Plumber and the Wealth Gap
Horray NPR and Daniel Schorr!
"Perhaps it is redistribution to the poor that the Republican nominee is worried about. The gap between rich and poor is greater in America than in any other advanced democracy. Differential tax rates have been at the core of the American tax structure since 1913. That's when the 16th amendment to the Constitution created the income tax on persons and on corporations...."

read more here - I love being inspired when the pragmatists make good, common sense! Anyone say meat and potatoes?!!
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