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Saturday, October 18, 2008day link 

 Bill Moyers takes on VOTER FRAUD!
Tonight on Bill Moyers, I was impressed with his interview of Mark Crispin Miller!
"The fact is that we're talking here about a fundamental right, no, about the fundamental right. This is the right on which all our other rights depend, as Tom Paine said. Nothing is more important than this right. This is the right for which millions of our forebears have shed their blood, have died. This is what keeps us free. Only this. If we lose the right to pick our representatives and to get rid of the government when we don't like it anymore, if we don't have that right, if we don't have that power, we're as good as slaves.

and he said "Second of all, I think that this should be the most vigilantly monitored election we've ever seen."

AND they covered the ACORN propaganda story perpetrated by the GOP, Fox News and I think CNN!

AND AND AND -- Bill Moyers supported the video the vote campaign!

GO GO GO! It's happening, it most certain IS HAPPENING!
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