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Tuesday, March 23, 2004day link 

 questions about gender and war
picture I wrote this for a local Glastonbury e-forum tonight.

Good evening ~ albeit morning~

Fact: Somewhere around 90% ? of all violent crimes are committed by men.

I've heard it from the authorities on violence, etc... for many years.

Here's some links I have found:

Some UK stats
Crimes by Men
National Abuse Facts
Interesting bit on women in Arizona prisions

I don't blame men, but I do blame patriarchy, which subconsciously, consciously and insidiously breeds a male-dominated regime/ matrix/ whirld... that subjugates women and what we call 'feminine' values. I think it subjugates what is our True Nature.

There is much evidence that what we call feminine qualities -- nurturing, Life-giving attributes -- were once donned by males in matri-focal, egalitarian societies. No surfs or wars. Mesopotamia and Old Europe, etc.

I do think that in today's living western mythos, that until we consciously de-tox from our inner patriarchy, whatever the gender, that we are acting in the false prism of dominating hierarchies, where it's about power over or under another individual or institution or group or race or class. Either we are participating in the status-quo or we are about standing for change.

And usually, we all fall in between, and hopelessly towards the former not the latter.

Often we supplant our patriarchy and participation in the 'cult of authority' from the collective psyche of our past, Piscean internal institution, to the seeming 'new paradigm' world or world view we try to inhabit... without even realizing it. I feel that is evident in the microcosm of Glastonbury and any alternative-related world. But at least we ARE trying.

The goal should be, are we trying to shine the light of illumination upon where our individual and collective psyche's are still split --- or are we still trying to look smarter, bigger, more evolved, than our brother/ sister?
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