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Tuesday, August 19, 2003day link 

 The Divine Imagination
picture I used to synchronistically stumble across information from a wide breadth of sources that formed a major hypothesis of mine about this concept, that actually there is no difference between the imagination and visions/ visualisations and The Sight.... however, I have been constant in my resisting of 'cookie-cutter' metaphysical solutions of 'just creating what you want' BS. It is a coolaborative effort. Sophistocated and involving a Dance between all the 'realities' and the players involved... Having said that, I found this come into my in-box today and found it further aid in my quantive labratory:

By Jon Rappoport
About ten years ago, when I was doing a lot of research on paranormal abilities, I interviewed some test subjects who had shown, in lab studies, a capacity that far exceeded expected averages.

These were people who could influence the distribution of little balls that dropped through a funnel into a case outfitted with pegged compartments where the balls would stop.

These people could receive and interpret messages sent to them from a few miles away.
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