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Saturday, April 26, 2003day link 

 Who Can't Blog?
This might proove even more interesting in days to come... Emmanuelle points out some silenced blogs: a Connecticut journalist has been 'forced' to close his blog in order to keep his job; and "in Iran, the blog community unite to protest the detention of an Iranian blogger by the government." (Check out the on-line petition to help his cause, put together from new aliances between Persian and US Bloggers.}

Speaking of Middle East blogs, Al Jazeera had an article recently about the Salam Pax blog... however, it seems he is still missing...
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 The Black Ribbon/ Flag Campaign
picture I found this black flag on BartCop's rant page. It is a wonderful and up-to-date portal... newsworthy, subversive and witty. The black flag campaign is stated to:
"The Black Flag is a progressive, independent, alternative news venture based in Roswell, New Mexico. Its goal is to provide alternative viewpoints not commonly expressed in the popular media, and to effect change on both the local and national level."
Let's grab their banner and put it on our site's! Seems to also support celebrities who speak out. (Wish it was RSS'd. Putting it on the 'to contact' list for Flemming and I to contact for use of our modular tech.)
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