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Sunday, February 2, 2003day link 

 A Good Answer to my Quest-ion...
pictureYesterday I asked myself how we could respond more like Martin Luther King Jr. would at this juncture in our nation's impending date with it's Future...

And a fellow NCNer answered with a lucid, and nakedly true philosophical article A rabid flock of lying killers

How American Christians and Jews justify the mass murder of innocents in the name of "the Lord"
By John Kaminski
DOES GOD want us to kill innocent Iraqi children? Judging by the apparently unanimous approval in the Senate chamber from all those truth-immune political celebrities watching President Bush's most recent State of the Union address — all of whom are at least overtly religious churchgoers — the message is clear: HE does. Apparently there is not a single member of Congress who opposes the idea of dropping more bombs on Iraq. Sure, there are a few who want U.N. endorsement, but if they get that — that is to say, if they can ultimately avoid blame for this atrocity by later saying the U.N. said it was OK to do it — there is nobody in the entire U.S. government apparatus who opposes obliterating Iraq, and murdering still thousands more of its defenseless women and children. If there were, we would have heard them booing that speech, and we didn't. If there were, we would have heard an outraged Democratic response, instead of the cowardly endorsement of the principles of the Bush plan for continuing genocide that we did hear."
Click on the above link for the full article -- an important treatise on whatever it means to be religious and right --- usually not to be used in the same sentence without cancelling each other out!
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 The forever Seizing of Days
pictureAn incredible band from Glastonbury called Seize The Day has made it into the top four of the eighty bands originally nominated for the BBC Radio 3 World Music Audience Awards. They're asking friends and activist-networks to put the word out for them everywhere, and vote one more time:
- If we win the award, it will show just how huge the movement for change has become, and in turn gain more exposure for our campaigns.

So please follow this link to the BBC Radio 3 web-site and click on
REGISTER in order to vote for Seize The Day.

To vote in the final round they ask you to register with the BBCi, which involves making up a username and password and giving any email address - it takes 10 seconds, then you can vote!

Seize The Day are an environmental activist band from Glastonbury who campaign for social justice, a GMO free world, peace and all sorts of good causes. .... If you want to hear their music, there are five Seize The Day songs on the Radio 3 web site.

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