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picture 2003-04-15 09:38, by Julie Solheim-Roe

On one of my lists, someone mentions a book called 'The Guru Papers' by Lary Kramer... and I did a little research on it, as I was very taken by the ideas supposedly presented in the book:
"...apparently he writes about the dangers of the 'all is "One" idea' as being a good excuse for a kind of communistic fascism. where one's individuality is taboo, or one's made to confrom or feel guilty and so on.

.. of course for many ideologies the "One" is "God" to whom one must conform, and we, one of the "Many" are somehow "less-than" this idealized "One" ....doesn't this idea--whther the "One" is "God" or some Buddhist-like principle disEMPOWER one's uniqueness?"
I couldn't agree more! Funny thing, that in my own 'Mastery' group, I was taught how to go deeper and deeper into my OWN 'truth'... and from there, all I found was molten lava, revolt, pure lust, love, and the crazy Mystery of 'life'... and that all the constructs, were in effect lies... and all the stories... were stories to bring us closer to the fact.... that no one knows, and I don't know. The paradox, is that I am a 'Knower' and I do indeed Know that I Know... something... something deep, and therein is the twist....

So I decided to do some research about these 'Guru Papers' and I found they were written by Joel Kramer and Diana Alstad. Here's a review:
"This book delivers what it promises in the preface and introduction, describing the many settings and situations in which overt and covert authoritarianism can intrude into social, political, and religious beliefs and interfere with normal personality development. Part I examines destructive relationships between one person and others, the guru-disciple dynamic broadly applied not only to political and religious leaders but also to parents, close friends, and lovers. Part II explores subtle, indirect forces in values and beliefs both personal and global concealed in what people assume and take for granted, most of the time unknowingly."
This is so apparent to me in the recent political atomosphere, and how the typical the 'new age' answer to it, is not working! Because they are both coming from the idea of 'think this', 'pray this' or 'believe this'. Things cannot be seen so fixed. In my searching, I also came across other reads which look very interesting on this subject:

*'400 Years Of Imaginary Friends: A Journey Into The World Of Adepts, Masters, Ascended Masters, And Their Messengers' -- !! Need I say more!
*Psychic Dictatorship in America about the fascist roots of the I AM organizations....
*this site has a good run down on the whole ascended master's history, from a very different perspective than most Californian new-agers would want to swallow!

I think there IS spirituality amongst us... but it is so important to weed away the mental constructs, the whirling whirlds that we 'belong' to, buy into, and participate in. Of course they made it all up--- we make everything up!! And I do think there are spirits, energies in land and in the Mysteries, that we can experience, even imagine as personas. But this is just our interpretations of something that is probably beyond anything that we would call human. But what I agree with, as stated in this site which is aimed to help those who have been abused -- "whether within a cult, political regime, or family".... when we begin to detox the ideas of patriarchy, and the ideas of blind conformity --- I sense this thread, these matrixes of thought, that pervade throughout thought systems of individuals, institutions, belief structures, and governing bodies... that these threads themselves are the illusions that keep us separate from a whole, cooperative experience of life. Within each place where 'two or more' are gathered, I agree that we can link in and find the shared 'One'... but never ever ever ... ever again in my box... at the expense of individuality and freedom to discover!!

(This same this site lists books like 1984 and other novels which "feature champions of free will who must battle outrageous abuse of authority, whether within society at large, a cult, or a family.")

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15 Apr 2003 @ 11:57 by shawa : Thanks, Jewel...
...for the links. Touchy subject, but well worth investigating.  

16 Apr 2003 @ 12:49 by jewel : Yep
Of course, when we have these 'first hand experiences' of 'beings/ angels' etc... we think it is always pure... I myself have experienced them since childhood. What I am interested in, however, is how the 'thought police' get into our interpretations of experiences -- that are often transient. Whenever these first-hand experiences become 'logged'/ indoctrinated... they become separated from Flow... and then classified, patriarchialized...  

18 Aug 2003 @ 22:11 by jonsky : you know that you know
That's Fantastic  

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