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 'The War is Over and God Bless America'8 comments
2003-04-09 22:23, by Julie Solheim-Roe

Some comments in my Glastonbury email list in the UK:
"yep that's it.
it's over bar the shouting.
live pictures now showing US soldiers have completely taken Baghdad - Iraqis are coming out and swamping them and saying things like 'America is great'
only about 30,000 iraqis killed and only about 1300 civilians.
ok so there's no Saddam and there never was any WMD but they've done it.
They control the oil and the middle east and they've shown that they are the best and most civilised nation on Earth.
God Bless America and Tony Blair is absolutely guaranteed to be elected again."

- -

"just been watching one of those moments in history similar to the Berlin wall as they pulled that statue down.
war is over. can we bring the troops home now please?
I accept now that the peace marches did absolutely nothing - zilch - and they won't ever do again. those days are gone.
but I am glad for the Iraqi people, I am glad that this war is as good as done.
We have seen the destruction of the UN and international law. We have seen that democracy is fluid and easy to manipulate. We have seen the New World Order in action with all it's troops, lies and propaganda and we can see what is in store and there's not a damn thing we can do about it.
so we might as well accept it and at least have a peaceful life of our own.
The US will take over the world. that is certain and at the UK will be with them every step of the way.
poor old France."

- -

"As someone pointed out in the Guardian, just because someone
amputates a leg neatly, it doesn't mean it was necessarily the best thing for the patient.

Anyone betting on law and order in Iraq over the next days and weeks?"

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10 Apr 2003 @ 17:22 by petavie : NO
I refuse that!
First it is definatly not a moment in history like the wall in Germany coming down, then the whole country and world was at the wall cheering.
In Bagdad, about 50 to 100 Irakis cheering, Hollywood production style news propaganda spoonfed by corporate military industrial complex, and a cheap one, if I may say so myself, but we got so used to the little box with all the pretty little pictures in it, that they don't even have to make an effort anymore.
Second, the troops are not coming home yet and not any time soon either, if nothing else, more will be called and sent there and elsewhere.
Third, the peace marches did something, little for now I agree, but they woke us up about the war and the stuff behind the wars, the monstrueuse machine that has taken over OUR world, the WHOLE world, it also served us to realise that we are many all around the world, no matter the country we come from, the color we are, the God we pray to, the work we do, we all want the same things in life and we are not getting it.
Third UN, international laws, democracy,our earth and its state as a result of all of that, new world order, world policies, empires, history, injustice, globalisation, descrimination, hatred, ignorance, manipulation, etc.... all those things and many others, came into the light through this madness.
There is a lot MORE we can do about it. It is not because you loose a battle that you loose the "war".
US and Britain is the same thing and it always has been so. But for them to take over the world is another thing.
Empires have come and fallen before and this one is no different.
Stand up, gather your strength and your heart, rekindle your light and keep on keeping on. You are not alone !  

10 Apr 2003 @ 17:57 by scotty : The one good thing to come out
of all this madness is the fact that peoples eyes have been opened - hence the peace marches - hopefuly it'll be like the 100 monkey thing and it's message of peace will quantum leap all over the planet - maybe at last mankind will wake up to the fact that we are all brothers and this planet is our mother and peace will grow in all of our hearts - dreaming am I - that's ok but Mr King had a dream too !

We can do something about it ! (people who know me know that this is my battle cry ) Every single one of us can do something ! The first step is maybe in simply believing in your dream ... the next step will be easier...

Great comment Sylvie !  

10 Apr 2003 @ 18:06 by petavie : exactly, sigh.. you sweet you Scotty!
Come on grab a seat, there is a movie on !!!! LOVE TO ALL.  

10 Apr 2003 @ 20:54 by jewel : Sure
I agree with all the sides of the story... but the apathy is indeed a healthy part of the process. RIght now, on the outside, the body is still sick and the white blood cells have not 'amassed'... It was not my comment, but one that I passed on, as it indeed looks like that on many levels.

And, yes, the killing has just begun.

So maybe you are right, the protesting... as well? Let's continue to Hope, to Act, to Feel... all that 'comes up' in this process of watching blatant evil...

I went to a Palm Springs resort last weekend to meet my sister. I kept thinking about the flag as analagous to the swastika. Hiding behind a party that murders, all about fear. But meanwhile while these white children play, and their parents wear red white and blue... sob sob sob. It makes me so mad. So sad.

I was thinking of a new bumber sticker:

1 white shirt on wall street = 5,000 Afghan men = 50,000 Iraqi casualties...  

11 Apr 2003 @ 12:10 by sharie : Follow the Money
Thanks Julie for your post, and thanks everybody for your comments. I appreciate them all. The peace demonstrations did a great deal of good: the international community knows its NOT Americans who are slaughtering innocent people... it's Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and their billionaire backers... namely "Lockheed Martin", its CEO's and Board of Directors. The weapons manufacturers and reconstruction contractors are getting trillions of dollars funnelled into their bank accounts over this war insanity... and its coming right out of the taxpayers labor.  

11 Apr 2003 @ 12:39 by petavie : Yes, it's the money.'s%20The%20Money.mpg  

21 Feb 2016 @ 16:55 by Sandra @ : cPSdPjHvuZbVRamM

2 Jun 2016 @ 02:52 by Replica Givenchy Pandora @ : Peace
Peace is the best solutions to all problems.  

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