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Wednesday, April 2, 2003day link 

 Going into the Void...
Sherie from NCN had this post Prophecy of War - People of Peace the other day... about interesting near-death experiences in relation to whatever the hell is going down right now.

I had a similar experience to the first one cited, when I was in college ... and have had many different experiences since. That idea of being shown all of your possessions, that happened on a 'trip' which was so much about a personal and transpersonal idea of Armageddon. This was before I had read anything about 'Christ Consciousness' so it seems relivant. I was shown how all the pathways we walk, the souls we meet, there is this Other looking back at us and helping us along the way... shown just someone that smiles at you as you pass... that kind of thing. Then there was the Decision to stay in the duality, versus the 'knowing' of being in the flow... something about the human experiment to be divided....
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