Julie Solheim-Roe's
Curriculum Vitae

E-mail: jsolheim@cr8.com
US Voicemail: +1-877-539-3585
UK Phone: +44-(0)1458 832 856
Weblog: scarletjewels.com

Julie is a multi-faceted communicator, organizer, marketing coordinator, launcher, ideas generator -- with a big picture, futuristic and authentic perspective.  Julie worked with Flemming Funch in Los Angeles under the Synchronicity Networks vision of creating self-sustainable modules of linking new paradigm ideas, people and projects. Their technology is called Cr8 by OrgSpace.  We offer web-based module interfaces, offering services such as IT Consulting, Software Development, Social Software, Online Communities, Open Source, Personal and Organizational Change.

Julie is strongly interested in: collaboration, new-paradigm economics that works with the 'Cultural Creatives' and the 'invisible indicators' of morphogenesis and global change.  Julie is currently living in the ancient isle of Avalon -- Glastonbury, Somerset in the UK.  She is pictured here with her beautiful daughter Chantal Louisa Roe, born on 9th April 2001... who is now almost three already!  Last year she spent several months in the Joshua Tree region of the Mohave Desert.  Julie lived in the Los Angeles area for 9 years and was born in Portland, Oregon.

Also a Priestess of Isis, "She of Ten Thousand Names", specifically the faces of the Magdalene and Morgan le Fey, Julie has been musing and writing a book called 'The Scarlet Thread' for about 8 years. Other areas of personal interest include: mythology, mysticism, anything eclectic, herbal lore, activism, nature and feminism.


Mutually beneficial contract relationships and partnerships. Consulting opportunities, research and portal info-gathering tools and structuring. Collaborators, and contacts in UK and Europe. Free lance only.   

Her work with Flemming in OrgSpace can handle: Creative and challenging software projects, preferably cutting-edge Internet related, or webserver administration and automation projects. Self-Organization. Knowledge Management. Preference for projects that involve communication with all stake holders, and the opportunity to see a project through its whole life cycle. Preference for projects that involve creativity and independent, self-motivated work.

Expected Compensation

Hourly: $50-150. But I prefer not to work by the hour. My enthusiasm, ideas, focused attention, creativity and experience is hopefully worth a lot more to you than punching a time card/ clock!

Monthly: A good arrangement is to agree on a monthly amount that is big enough that ample attention is given to your project -- and small enough that you can focus on longer term results, rather than on tracking hours. E.g. if you want myself or my team to help you out with determining a bit of copywrite, organizing a campaign, managing communication, for consulting with portals and creating dynamic e-interfaces, $1K might do it. If you require a lot of ongoing communication and weekly research support, $2K might do it. If you have ongoing consultantcy and software development needs, it would need to be more than that -- and would need to be done in tandem with OrgSpace and would require Flemming's programming expertise.

Full Time: Not usually done, unless it somehow harmonizes with all my other jewelled facets. If you have a very exciting project that requires most of my time, I am an unstoppable fire-horse-woman workaholic, but I'd expect to see $150-250,000/year.

Per Project: OrgSpace doesn't programming from specs from scratch for a price defined in advance. That usually doesn't work well for any of the parties. We do have some existing modules that we might configure for your use, and we might be able to put a price on that. E.g. website portal, weblog, bulletin board, article management, chat room, calendar, member area, and more.  We can use these modules to help create a dynamic interface and can be hired to help you plan, manage and research your project.  I can do a lot of e-marketing small campaigns on a project to project basis.

Supervisory Skills and Experience

  • Extensive experience interfacing with top business management and entrepreneurs; accommodating strategic requirements, making briefings, mindmapping and strategizing marketing campaigns, copywriting, organizing projects and making presentations.
  • Excellent relations with techies, end users, employees and fellow team members. A 'can do' mentality.  Great at eliciting, inspiring and creating fields of possibilities and excitement.  Can  accommodate workers' needs, train, problem solve, write instruction manuals, and execute overall general communication.
  • Assists with overseeing the full life-cycle of software projects, from the recognition of a need, through specification and planning, prototyping, implementation, testing, and routine use.
  • Well-developed skills in coordinating, organizing and motivating large groups and communities of different peoples. Understanding diversity, developing common ground and inducing inspiration.

Major Work Experience

  • 2001- : E-marketing Coordinator' for a US company Body efx USA.
  • 1999- : Run marketing, sales and structured web design and e-marketing for my husband's locally made Celtic jewellery, the cottage industry amuletsfromavalon.com by Lorian Raphael.
  • 1999- : Community Networker for various projects in 'Avalon': The Library of Avalon, Facets of Avalon, and various local businesses, authors and activists.
  • 1994- : Co-Facilitator of Ceremonies, Sacred Site Pilgrimages and Women's Sacred Dance Circles.  Presently planning trips to France around the themes of the 'Black Maddona' and Mary Magdalene.
  • 1998- : Create magical products which are marketed locally in Avalon, such as self-burning incense made based on herbal lore, elemental magic and principals of alchemy.
In America:
  • 1997- : Synchronicity Networks, Inc. Vice-President. Running a Internet hosting, development and virtual collaboration company with programing skills of Flemming Funch (Slackware and Red Hat Linux servers, Apache web servers. NT servers, Apache, Xitami & Website Pro web servers. InterMix community software. CGI programming, mySQL database interface). Clients: Oasis TV, PlanetView TV, Wellness Center, Metafantasies, Global Ideas Bank, Lionel TV, etc.
  • 1996-1999 : Oasis TV. Web marketing and Internet Coordinator for a cable TV network. Designed and implemented portal website and integrated content management database.
  • 1995-9: Event Producer for various Spiritual Centres in Los Angeles: The Sacred Space, New Civilization Network, Global Visions, The Golden Thread magazine, Freedom Day, etc;  Management, motivation, event organization; Using and testing custom virtual community software, Bulletin boards, chat rooms, mailing lists, member web sites. Writing, speaking engagements, poetry readings, tv appearances; 4 years
  • 1995-8: Founded 'The Lights of the Round Table', a monthly Ceremony Experience and on-line 'Legions of Light,' an older metaphysical web portal (formerly legionsoflight.com); 3 years
  • 1993-4: Producer of 'Aids Ride Across America'' - sponsored by Marianne Williamson/ author and the LA Center for Living.
  • 1993-6: Owner of 'The File Doctor' Professional Organizing Consultant for various small businesses and professionals in Los Angeles; 3 years
  • 1990-9: Marketing and Sales positions for: Rossi d'Italia - costume jewelry; Z Valet - premiere valet company to Hollywood celebrities and elite; Skynet Worldwide Express - worldwide courier company - worked in both LA and New York City; 9 years
  • 1982-89: During school years - Ad Rep for University of Arizona Daily Wildcat; waitress at several fine establishments; sales at Nordstrom department store; file clerk and paralegal assistant with top  Law firms; 7 years

Education, Training and Certificates


  • University of Arizona- Business Marketing Degree

Training and Certificates:

  • Business Link - Somerset course on Business Plan/ starting own business; 3 weeks
  • Trained as Web Designer with Global Visions, Santa Monica, CA and The New Civilization Network, Global Organization
  • 'A Course in Miracles' teacher and student, at Los Angeles Centre for Living and The Sacred Space Teaching Centre; 4 years
  • Studied Sacred Dance with 'The Shakti School of Sacred Dance', a Fellowship of Isis registered Lyceum in North Hollywood, CA; 2 years
  • Ordained Priestess in the International Fellowship of Isis; worked with various healing techniques and healers over the past 20 years
  • Won writing and poetry awards in school and recognized as a writer by peers and colleagues.

Julie Solheim-Roe
48 Chilkwell Street
Glastonbury, BA6 8DA
United Kingdom
+44 (0)1458 832-856

"At the ends of the universe is a blood-red cord that ties life to death, man to woman, will to destiny.  Let the knot of that red sash, which cradles the hips of the goddess, bind in me the ends of life and dream."
- The Egyptian Book of the Dead -